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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting Fancy-Pants with My Fall Decor. Just Kidding.

I'm pretty much Martha Stewart.  I pretty much never decorate.  But, look!  Fall mantel!

Look again, cause this is the only fall decorating I'll be doing...

...also, look again before the kids have at it...

Ahhhh.  Fall kid crafts on your mantel.  Nothing fancier than that!

We got the pumpkins at the stand outside the Dino Park.  My cheap/fast substitute for going to a pumpkin farm and actually getting big pumpkins for them to carve... I definitely don't have the energy to tackle that project on my own with them right now.  Maybe next year J won't be working mids and I'll be more excited about the idea!

But they really do enjoy painting things with fall colors.  And it's less stressful for me, too.  
Everyone wins!  But mostly me.

I haven't decided yet if I'll let them paint the mini-pumpkins.  They're just so cute.  
And I kind of want to leave something un-kid-ified up there ;o)

Like these little "Chinese lantern" flowers from the bush in our yard.  Love them!  
So bright and festive and fun and all I had to do was chop them off the bush!

I hope you are all having a wonderful fall.  I just drank the equivalent of about two VERY STRONG pumpkin-spice-chai-stovetop-lattes.  It was just the treat/energy I needed... I'm gonna go run circles around the house (cause it's raining and I certainly don't want to go outside until I have to!)  Just kidding I'm not even going to exercise today.  The girls were up early again and I have some catching up to do on the computer.  

Again, have a wonderful fall day!  Even if it's raining!


  1. fall colors are beautiful.
    looks like the girls had fun painting - great idea to use spongess! xoxoxo