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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Potty Princess #2

There she is folks!  Our newest potty trainee!  It feels like just yesterday I was doing this with LJ.  Oh wait, it was!

We're at just over two weeks now... she's pretty consistent to get that pee-pee where it belongs.  Still has a hard time knowing what to do with poop.  It ends up in the panties, in the diaper, on the floor.  Who knows.  But since Lily is still having trouble in that area I'll cut Sam some slack.  

She is very proud of herself.  She's been doing so good that I'm almost ready to let her venture out into the wide world with those big girl panties of hers!   I think I'm also almost ready to ditch the mini-potty in our living room and let her graduate to the big girl potty with the potty-seat-attachment.  (How many times can I say the word *potty* in one blog post?  You know you're a Mom when...)

Ah, potty training.  The joy of knowing I'm teaching a small human a necessary life skill.  The joy of getting down and dirty (literally... pee on my hands.  Nothing makes me feel more like a woman...) in the important teaching moments of life.  "NO Sam!  Poopy goes ON THE POTTY!" as I grab paper towels to pick it up off the floor.  Awesome.

Seriously, it's a regular old potty-party around this house.  I feel like every five minutes one of them has to go.  Add to this that I have a notoriously small bladder... the bathroom is definitely our favorite room in the house lately.  Some days I feel like leaving them in diapers till their five would have been easier.  But then I remember that I cloth diaper and I'm super ready to be done with all that laundry.

Yep!  Potty training rocks.

Look, Sam's even teaching her Dolly how to go pee-pee in the "potty!"

Three cheers for cheesy-grins and being able to see a light at the end of the diapering-tunnel!

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  1. go Sammy go (in the potty) . . . Gigi's very proud of you!