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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gobble Gobble

What a great great GREAT Thanksgiving we had!  I hope yours was great, too!

Looking back through the pictures makes me smile.  Especially now that the house is back in order... and my laundry is almost done (getting to the point where I just can't take two days off or I'm SO far behind!)... and we've already got the Christmas tree up and decorated.  But yeah, Turkey Day 2012 rocked.  

This is one of Shawna's cherry pies.  The other one was no longer photogenic as Sam poked her finger right into is as soon as it was set on the counter.  From that moment on the babies were banned from standing on chairs to "watch" the ladies at work in the kitchen!

Martha Stewart  Kirsten made this adorable menu board!  She spent four hours on this thing!  That's what I call a dedicated fancy-pants host.  Simple Sally that I am, I LOVE having K in my life!

In classic Jessica style, I was a) in the kitchen almost the whole day and b) taking pictures of food almost the whole day. I assure you my guests were smiling and having fun, just off camera!  And sorry if the food pics make you hungry... hopefully you still have some leftovers in your fridge you can go snag ;o)

Kirsten's homemade fudge... that has a secret family ingredient that she seriously will. not. tell. me.  And some really yummy stuffed mushrooms she made.  And put on her Texas plate.  

Shawna's cranberry scones and deviled eggs.  Now I really want to go make more eggs...

I don't want to forget about this idea... some friends of K's brought smoked gouda paired with grapes, apples, and cherry tomatoes.  SO GOOD!  

Making my spiced cider!

K's holiday punch!

Not only did the girls' Air Force Aunties hold them on and off all day AND let them sample food (like whip cream for Kirsten's pie) but they also got to have one on one time with Tali and her pal Lexi.  Tali is Randy and Shawna's daughter and she always loves playing with my girls... I could have kissed her when she offered to take them upstairs to play! Which she did a couple times!  

And here is my hero of the day (the husband, not the turkey).  Jesse stood in the cold for hours turning two turkeys into hot juicy crispy bundles of joy!  A big thanks to Randy and Shawna for buying the fryer!  It was so much faster to cook them that way.... plus it left my oven free for warming other dishes and it helped my blood pressure stay at a normal level.  It was nice to have the triumph of my first turkey last year, but the fear of screwing it up still exists! 

Kyle approved.

What a raving success!  Turkey, ham, homemade gravy, cranberry-pomegranate sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gorgonzola squash, sausage and onion casserole, and homemade rolls.  

Shawna and Kirsten, I couldn't have done it without you!  Thanks for all your help on the big day, but more importantly for being my partners in crime the weeks before... planning, organizing, delegating, taking on TONS of baking prep.  You two worked much harder than I did and no one will ever even know!  I'm extremely grateful for you both.

And a big thanks to everyone else for coming and bringing appetizers, sides, desserts, and drinks.  It all came together so deliciously!

I think the final count was twenty guests.  
Twenty happy, stuffed, Americans all celebrating together in Germany.  
It was lovely!

Well then you know how it goes when I try to take a photo with this kid.  Chaos!  

This one is funny cause it looks like we're dancing but really I'm trying to stop him from giving me bunny ears!

And this one is my favorite because he is giving HIMSELF bunny ears.  Sucker!  

Happy Thanksgiving from two crazy Jesses.


  1. food looks splendiferous

    company looks happy

    couple looks fantastic ;-)

  2. love all of it. sad I wasn't there!