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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern Christmas Market: Date Day Turned Family Outing

Last week Jesse and I went into Ktown by ourselves to shop and enjoy the Christmas Market a little.

One of these days I'm gonna get this kid to allow me to take a normal picture of him, I SWEAR.  

But anyways, we were having such a grand time shopping (I mean, I was having a grand time shopping) and sipping Gl├╝hwein (warm spiced wine) that we decided we weren't quite ready to stop enjoying the market... so we headed back to Shawna's to get the girls and skipped right back to keep enjoying the festivities!

The Christmas Markets are much more photogenic at night.  And we all know that taking pictures is priority one.  So we wandered around for like the third time that day.

It was fun to walk at a toddler pace... I was skeptical that Sam would be able to handle it so close to bedtime without begging to be held at some point, but she did great!  The markets are really fun and full of happy holiday cheer, so everyone was in a good mood. They have stalls with crafts, food, and gifts all around the church.  So we just kind of meandered in and out of the crowd.

The girls definitely enjoyed the rides and the "hot dogs" the best.  You know you're an American when your kids call any brat or wurst they come across a hot dog.

The Germans really know how to throw a Christmas party.  These markets are in almost ever village during the Christmas season... in the bigger cities they start the weekend after Thanksgiving and are open every day during advent! There's great food, sparkly lights, warm beverages, peaceful music, and cozy fires to gather around. 

That would all be magical on it's own, but then there's the vast array of gifts and goodies you can buy!  Jesse bought us a set of wooden swords for Christmas!  I am still on the hunt for just the right "German" ornament for our tree...

The church bells started to chime and Sam started singing her little munchkin version of "Oh Christmas Tree" so I turn to see Jesse rocking back and forth with the girls on his lap, quietly singing along with her.

*insert me falling in love with him all over again*

I hope your Christmas season has been as MERRY and BRIGHT as ours!

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  1. mmm mulled wine. One of our neighbors in Sig had been stationed in Germany for a few years and introduced us to Gluh....however you spell it. so great.