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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi, You Ugly, ey ey You Ugly!

3rd Annual Aiduk Family Ugly Sweater Photo

2nd Annual Aiduk Family Ugly Sweater Party!!!

Before we get into the party details we have to talk about the hair accessories - DUH.  Cause that's what matters in an almost all-girl-family.  

I could tell that Lily was kinda jealous of Sam's hair bows so...

...I hooked her up with a festive holiday headband!

Curling ribbon saves the day again!

We should also talk about how we've reached that crazy-depressing cozy time of year in Germany where the sun sets at about 4:30pm.  Meaning it's completely dark by the time your party guests start arriving around 5:30pm.  Meaning no one gets to enjoy your lovely view because you close your rolladins shortly after.  Ahhhh, another lovely German winter...

I had the fire going all day, like normal... it creates a lovely cozy feeling in the home.  It also makes it unbelievable hot during a SWEATER PARTY.  Oops.

I love it when people congregate in my kitchen.  It's my favorite place in the whole house and I love it when it's full of people.  Except of course when I'm trying to cook.  Then it gets a little crowded ;o)  

Thankfully, I already had a huge pot of chili ready to go and a big pot of spiced cider, both simmering on the stove. Hence the reason the kitchen was the most popular place to be!  Everyone brought cookies and other holiday treats... it was quite a yummy night.  And unlike Thanksgiving, I was able to just mingle and eat and enjoy everyone's company!  

I also melted the kids' brains with a holiday movie marathon: Charlie Brown, Polar Express, and Elf were all properly represented.  

Introducing our "Sunday Night Football Crew": Chase, Randy, Pedro, and Pedro's broken leg.  The broken leg/ankle is a relatively new addition to the festivities.  But Sundays are always a blast with these guys.  And Shawna and Chona.  Cause let's be real ladies, us girls hardly ever actually watch the football game, right?  

Okay are you ready for the winner of 2012's Ugly Sweater Prize?  A family heirloom that will be proudly displayed on their tree for generations to come??




Randy Meese!  
Sporting a lovely HOMEMADE gem by famous Holiday Sweater designer Shawna! 
It literally has tinsel, garland, a stocking, and a ken doll wearing an ugly sweater!  I was amazed.

Runner up: Cody DeYoung's fabulous Sweater Vest!
Also designed and hand-crafted by his wife!  (Hi, Megan!)

This whole "make your own holiday sweater" concept has totally rocked my world!  No longer do I have to be satisfied with our amazing-but-apparently-not-winning-thrifted-sweaters.  It's ON next year, guys.  I am totally bedazzling us some amazing homemade works of art next year.  And I think I'll start by stealing Chona's idea to put JINGLE BELLS on her son Riley's sweater vest.  Genious!  

Big thanks to everyone for coming!  Randy, Shawna, Natalie, Chona, Riley, Junah, Bryan, Kaitlin, Megan, Cody, Chase, Kirsten, Dana, Pedro, Leah, and Easton... It wouldn't have been a party without you guys!


  1. This almost makes me miss some of you people... almost =P

    1. Haha too bad you can't have the people without the job, eh?

  2. Those are some fantastically atrocious sweaters =)

    I think it's getting dark around 5:00 here... so you really only have a few minutes on us.

    1. I don't remember it getting dark so soon in NY/PA! *selective memory* But yeah, I'm already looking forward to when the sun doesn't set till 11pm. Those are the days!

  3. Oh totally! The girls get up from their naps between 3:30 and 4 and its already too dark to go outside and play. Its a giant waste, if you ask me, of forfeiting snow for warmer temps. By the time it's at the day's high, it's too dark to go outside! Not to mention the issue of skunks. They're nocturnal, so it's too dangerous to play outside!

    1. Yikes! Just say no to skunky-smelling-kids!