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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leah and I Caused the First Blizzard of 2012

For someone who has lived most of her life in upstate NY and then spent a winter on the Gulf Coast, I was very much looking forward to winter in Germany.  But last winter there was little to no snow!  It was extremely disappointing.

Until last week, this winter was still looking the same... dreary and cold but no snow.

So Leah was telling me about these great hot glue snowflakes she'd been making, and agreed to come over and give me a tutorial!  Aren't they adorable?  She had the idea a while ago and then found some other tips on Pinterest... and we added our own twist to them.  We were really pleased with the results...

First, you "draw" the snowflake onto parchment paper.  We started by drawing some designs onto paper and putting it under the parchment so we could have a template... but then we just got so dang creative that we didn't even need to use them!

As you're making your snowflake, attach a length of thread or string to one of the tips so that you can hang it later. When the snowflake is dry, use a spatula or turner to gently lift it from your parchment paper.  Wa-la!  Your blizzard is about to begin...

Then we got crazy with some holiday sparkle.  Leah taught me to make a simple modge podge from mixing equal parts elmer's glue and water.  (We used clear glue but I doubt it matters)  So we painted our snowflakes with modge podge and then I sprinkled coarse kosher salt on mine.  Leah wanted a more glittery feel, so she went with fine glitter dust.  But the possibilities are endless!

I was even thinking these would be a fun way to decorate for ANY party (think, Halloween spiders hanging from your ceiling or fun themed birthday decorations, like fish!) because you could just mix food coloring into sugar and modge podge a pretty color onto your decorations.  So easy-cheap-fun!

Then we hung them to dry for a bit before flipping them and glitterizing the other sides.

And THEN I hung them up all over my living room and kitchen!  I have about 15... some hang along the main windows and some hang above the kitchen counter.  Aren't they adorable?  

I will tell you this isn't exactly a fast project.  It's super cheap and super easy... but it takes a little while.  Then again, Leah and I were chatting up a storm while also taking care of our four children.  So maybe if you got together with some gals for "snowflake night" or did some in front of a movie after the kids were in bed it wouldn't take all day, like it did for us ;o)

But it was worth it.  I think they're charming.  And I think they're good luck.  Because the very next morning...


It wasn't an impressive amount by NY standards, but it was enough that I was able to oblige Lily's immediate requests to go play in "her" snow.  And she had fun... don't let that scowl tell you otherwise!

Self portrait... looking into the kitchen window.

So there you have it.  If you feel like you're dreaming of a white Christmas with no sign of snow on the horizon... try this magical hot glue snowflake trick!  Since we made them, it's snowed TWICE here.  So it must be like doing a rain dance or something.  It works, I swear.  

Unless you live in Mississippi.  Then you're out of luck my friend.  


  1. 1. Thank you for posting this because I am totally going to do that! (I've been searching for creative snowflake ideas)
    2. That last picture about killed me. Sooooo pretty!!!
    3. Your girls are ADOORABLE, but you already knew that so....
    4. Your house is so pretty and Christmasy! It makes me want to jump on a plane and come for a real German Christmas...not that I'm trying to have anything at all resembling a German Christmas (is there even much difference?)...but oh well, you get my point. :P

    1. Haha great! Take pics of yours so I can see how they turn out!

  2. Lillian Jayce - that grumpy-bear face just makes me laugh out loud!

  3. Those turned out cute! I may have to try them...we've been getting flurries, and an inch or 2 here and there, but I am ready for a good old fashioned blizzard.