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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our First German Snow Experience

Contrary to yesterday's post, it was not Lily's first time playing in the snow in Germany.  I'm just a little behind on picture posting.  And I need to hurry up and post these before I post the pics I'm sure to take tomorrow... as I promised Lily we'd go out and make a snowman in the morning!  So these are from the day after our "magical snowflake making extravaganza"...

Until this point, Lily had only played in the snow once (in NY during our tech school leave) and Sam had never been out to play in the stuff.  Last winter was a bust... the only time we got a dusting of snow I was too lazy to take them both out. Lesson learned.  

It started with a cozy breakfast by the fire.  Muffins and oranges.  Which was a super fun memory at the time but of course was turned into a super annoying 3yo asking to eat every meal for the next four days "by da fire Mommy?"  No. No, you cannot eat chili by the fire.

And then, five hours later, everyone was had gone potty and was fully bundled and ready for fun.  Seriously, it takes so long to get them dressed.  It almost fills me with dread now when it snows cause I know that being a good Mom requires so. much. work. for the sake of fun-in-the-snow!

I did get to take some fun artsy photos though... this one was my fave so I'm reposting.  Those roses were so dang determined not to die!  But three snowstorms later and I'm sad to say they are toast.

Lily used this part of the garden walkway as a slide.  You can imagine how well that worked out for her.  And yes, those are baggies on her feet.  (Shout out to Mom!)  I seriously had "get Lily waterproof boots" on my to-do list for months.  Oops, Mommy-fail.  So she wears her little Payless "Uggs" with bags.  Ghetto  Classy.

Okay, now I'm going to show you a sequence of two photos, that were taken within minutes of each other...

Three-year-olds are crazy.  Or maybe it's just my 3yo?  Apparently she just didn't know what to do with all the emotional strain of "My fingers are so cold I'm gonna cry" and "Momma said it's time to go inside" that she just... cried. Makes sense.  I get it.  And of course I snapped a pic.  You're welcome Lily... I'm sure you'll appreciate every. single. moment of your life captured for the public to see.  

And the aftermath.  A nice warm up by the fire, a warm bath, and a few stories later... we were all happily recovered from our chilly-fingers and mini-meltdowns.  I have more snow pics from that day that will make their way to facebook shortly.  

Happy Snow Days to you all!

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