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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to a Great 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your celebrations were fun... I know ours were!  We had a bunch of friends over to enjoy the Otterberg fireworks with us.  Including setting off our own for the first time!

I was so impressed that Lily stayed up until midnight!  I had intended to put her down with Sam for a pre-fireworks-nap, but she was having so much fun playing with Mila and Riley that I just let her stay up!  We're all still in the process of catching up on our sleep, ha!  Long naps and early bedtimes for all last night.

And now it's the New Year!  I just love the feeling of a "fresh start" that each year brings.  The other day we had some gloriously warm, sunny weather... so I spent about 20 minutes in the afternoon sitting by myself, soaking up the sun while I thought about the upcoming year...

It was so weird to be out in the sun on December 29th with just a sweatshirt.  But living in Germany has taught me to enjoy each sunny moment as it comes!  I hate the cold dark winters and can already feel my tendency to whine about how "solar powered" I am and to let the "winter blues" creep in.

The key for me is to remember the power of my mindset.  When I think negatively, I feel negatively. The same for thinking positive.  It's much more of a struggle for me here, where the sun will be seldom seen in the upcoming months. But I have big, fun goals for 2013, so I have a lot to keep me busy and happy as I invest in myself and others...

We can't get magazine subscriptions to our APO so my mother-in-law always sends me Real Simple... and look at the add on the back of January's!  How fitting as I rattle off my slightly ambitious list of New Year's Resolutions/Goals.  

I want to run my first 5k race.
I want to be able to do 20 push-ups in a minute.  Technically, I want to pass the Air Force female PT test.  So I have to be able to run a mile and a half in less than 16 minutes, do at least 18 push-ups in a minute, and at least 38 sit-ups in a minute.  But the push-ups will be the hardest for me since I can currently do -3 push-ups.  You think I'm joking.

I want to utilize Pinterest on a weekly basis to do more fun stuff, creative stuff, crafty stuff, and yummy stuff.  Trying new things really makes me happy!  I am going to make sure my home life is full of awesome creativity and fun.

We want to try to implement a weekly "date night in."  Our dates out are fun, but predictable (what can we say, we love dinner and a movie!) and they are also sporadic.  We usually go out once a month, but some months not at all and some months twice.  Some of my friends do "date night in" successfully on a regular basis, and I love the idea!  I'd like us to try for one night a weekend... we'll unplug and pull ourselves away from the tv (our go-to entertainment most nights) and we'll do something different together.  Work on a puzzle, cook something new, look at old photos, play a game, etc. These kind of things are cheap, fun, and great for bonding/memory making.

Peace of mind...
Read, read READ!  I have a long list of great books to read and re-read in the upcoming months.  J will be on the swing shift again soon (4pm-midnight) so I'll have some extra time in the evenings... books battle loneliness.  And make me feel like I'm still using my mommy-brain.
I'd like to tackle a few de-cluttering projects around the house.  The craft cabinet is a disaster and the toys need to be reorganized and sorted into manageable boxes.  Bringing order to the chaos makes me say "ahhhh!"

Cross something BIG off my to-do list...
We need to decide how we want to educate our children.  It's a decision that causes me frequent panic attacks and is constantly pushed to the "to-do later" list... but Lily is growing up fast and before I know it she'll be kindergarten age! Time to figure out which "kindergarten" she'll go to.  I've wanted to homeschool my kids for awhile... ever since I met some really normal homeschoolers in high school.  Then there's the whole marrying a relatively normal  slightly normal almost normal homeschooler-turned-successful-adult... I really do like the idea of teaching my kids at home!  The problem is that I'm also terribly afraid of the idea.  I don't love being a SAHM nearly as much as I dreamed I would... and I'm scared that I can't commit to being a stay-at-home-educator. I have a lot of research to do and it's time to get on it.

Invest in my imaginary future business...
I really do want to start a photography and doula business sometime in the next five years.  So I am going to look into taking an online photography class, take a photoshop class (courtesy of my resident architect and photoshop pro Kirsten!), and build my portfolio by using friends as guinea pigs.  And I want to attend a few births with Leah... though this is going to be extremely difficult depending on whether or not we buy a second car this year.  But even if we don't, I'm sure I can make it to two or three.

And that's all... nothing too ambitious, right? ;o)  I like sharing my list with you each year... helps me feel more accountable when I get them out in the open.  What are your New Year's goals?  Do you still make resolutions?  I think it's fun!  Gives me something clear to work towards!

Happy Happy New Year!


  1. I don't think those are too ambitious! Jeremy and I developed a new categorizing system for our goals. He uses it at work. You tag your goals as 50-goals, 100-goals, and 150-goals. The 50-goals are the ones that you should accomplish without any problem. They require minimal effort and are a necessity. In your case, it would be date night in. In my case, its gym at least 3 times a week. 100-goals are totally attainable but require slightly more effort. In your case, it would be creativity and reading. In my case, it would be menu planning and creating/maintaining a realistic budget. The 150-goal is a dream you work towards. You may or may not accomplish it this year, but you can be working towards it steadily. In your case, it would be your business. In my case, it would be my PhD in Maternal and Child Health. I missed the deadline this year but I can be steadily working towards putting that application together and having it in by next December. Good luck on achieving everything you need/want to this year. I'm really rooting for you!

    1. Aw thanks! And good luck to you too... get it girl!

  2. Well, reading your list makes me excited for you and makes me want to make a list! (I don't anymore...except in my head in a nebulous way) I can *totally* see you rockin' the homeschool thing. Just take one bite of the elephant at a time and before you know it, they'll be grounded, rooted, fruitful and purposeful adults who will be praising their Proverb 31 mama. The main reason I decided to homeschool - back when like almost nobody around me was, was so I could be the one experiencing their *firsts* (ie. learning to read) and walking them biblically through their character challenges (which come up all day, not just in after-school hours) and integrating scripture/a biblical worldview into every aspect/discipline of learning. I had substitute taught at the cutest little mountain school in VT where our kids would go if I didn't homeschool them and even back in 1993, was shocked at the agenda coming through! I brought in my own books to read to the kids unapologetically because the choices left for me were so abhorrent. It was a deal-sealer, along with the scripture God gave me as I prayed about it. I never regretted the choice, but there were times when it was *hard*! It takes a lot of energy and creativity and purpose-filled passion, but I think you embody all those things! We'll be praying for you guys as you make this big choice and that God will make it clear so you have that to stand on in the future, whatever choice He directs to! Thanks for inspiring me today!

    1. No problem! And thanks for the encouragement and prayers. I'll surely keep y'all posted on our decision ;o)

  3. wow- what a list! my wimpy resolutions certainly pale in comparison ;) Decluttering the house, reading, getting established in a church, reconnecting with wonderful friends and family that have been neglected while i've been in school and starting a new job, and well, the list goes on ;)
    I'm very glad we homeschooled- i wish i knew then what i know now---it would have looked totally different but we did the best we could and trusted God with the outcome and He has been and continues to be faithful to our kids and for that I am very grateful.
    Blessed New Year to the Aiduk family on that side of the big water!

    1. I don't know.. your list sounds just as ambitious to me! Especially considering how much of your time your job takes! When you get a minute, I'd love an email detailing what you would do differently about homeschool. Just curious. Love ya MIL!

  4. super inspiring J! Definitely makes me want to start on my own list. Your goals are very attainable and smart. and I LOVE that your MIL (Mom-In-Law) sends you REAL SIMPLE. That magazine is the cats pajamas! Thanks for the shout out and here's to helping each other conquer 2013!

    1. Thanks! It's gonna be a good year, I can feel it :o)