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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Post-Op Update

His thumb has officially been operated on!  The surgeon was so cool and super clear with us... he's very confident that J will make a full recovery and very pleased with how the surgery went.  There are a handful of pins in that there hand that I love.  But they'll come out in a few months.  For now, it's rest rest rest and keep that hand elevated.

He joked yesterday night that I should have a call button like the nurses because I'm so nervous to even leave the room for twenty minutes in case he needs something!  He's in more pain than he will admit and I hate seeing him this way. But hopefully he'll be feeling better in a few days.  He has two weeks convalescent leave from work, so plenty of time to rest up and recover.

I hesitate to whine about my woes, since I'm not the one who has a few pins and a nice new throbbing incision on my hand.  But man yesterday was a long day.  I'm so thankful that Tiffany was able to watch the girls overnight from Sunday-Monday, because Monday morning J and I left the house at 5:30am... checked in at the hospital at 6:15... didn't get him into surgery till almost 11... didn't leave the hospital till almost 3pm...

I spent most of the time reading in various waiting rooms.  I nervously twirled his wedding band on my thumb.  I spilled coffee all over my book and my wallet.  (Good thing I love the smell of coffee!)  And I got pen on my recently dry cleaned white coat.  I was a hot mess, apparently.  By the time I got Jesse home and settled in for a snooze, got some groceries, and picked the girls up, it was almost 6pm.  I set an alarm to wake up at roughly 4 hour intervals to make sure I keep J's pain meds going strong for the first 24 hours.

I'm exhausted.  Jesse's exhausted AND in pain.  The girls are all sorts of tired from being dragged and shuffled all around the KMC for the past week...

So today I'm determined to make sure we all rest.  Family pajama day... snuggles on the couch... lots of books and movies... and hopefully a long nap for all.  


  1. "...and hopefully a long nap for all..."

    thanks for taking care of that man; and those grandlittles...please remember to take care of you also...................

    1. Dude I did so good yesterday! I didn't do a blessed thing all day except make a few simple meals and did a few dishes. Other than that, we all watched movies and snoozed. Seriously all. day. long. I think we watched 4 kid movies and 2 adult movies. IN ONE DAY! How's that for taking care of myself. A nice, lazy, mental health day :o)

  2. FYI hairspray should take that ink stain out of your coat.

    1. Oh man I was too scared to even try looking up ways to clean it myself... took it right back to the dry cleaners! But how does the hairspray trick work? Say, if I get pen on another article of clothing? Do you just spray it on and wipe it off?

  3. Praise the Lord that the surgery went well! I will be continuing to pray for you all during his recovery!