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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Holidays Done Big... My New Resolution

I've recently decided to make an obnoxiously big deal about as many little holidays as I can.  And I'm not going to lie, crazy-colored food and holiday-themed activities are just as much fun for me as for the kids.

On Valentine's Day, I woke up without any grand plans for celebration.  Jesse had to work during the day so thankfully I'd have him home (as opposed to being alone because he's usually working 4pm-midnight right now) for the yummy grilled cheeseburger dinner we had planned.   My Mom had sent an amazing care package in January that included some fun Valentine's Day stuff.  So I knew I had at least that.  But with Jesse just coming off of convalescent leave and my schedule still being a little thrown off, I was planning to take it easy that day.

In typical over-the-top-Jessica-fashion though, once I got going, I just couldn't stop!  "Pink heart ice cubes in the bath! Red scrambled eggs!  Red peanut butter on toast with heart sprinkles!  Pink strawberry milk hearts!  Tea Party lunch with heart shaped sandwiches!  Matching pink shirts!  PINK PINK PINK FUN WEEEEEE!!!"

Pinterest makes life so easy ;o)  Once we started rolling with our pink-heart-flavored-crafty-day both the girls and I had a blast.  I was thankful for the goodies my Mom had sent, because I had all the supplies I needed for many of the fun activities.

What did you do to make Valentine's Day awesome for your kids?  I want to stockpile more ideas for next year!

I want my kids to grow up thinking their Momma is a holiday-freak!  And specific to Valentine's Day, I want them to look back and remember that Vday is all about making your loved ones feel special, not just about the lovey-dovey-romantic stuff.  Not that I'm dismissing chocolate and flowers.  Just sayin...

Okay I'm off to go start planning fun green things for St. Patrick's Day!  (anyone care to share some great green ideas with me?)

PS: to my dear sweet mom friends out there who might not have gone as crazy as I did and might be beating themselves up... remember this truth - the Jessica on the blog/facebook seems like way cooler of a mom than the Jessica who, during this amazing Valentine's Day celebration, was to be found screaming mean things at her potty-training toddler for pooping in her pants.  And also screaming mean things at her 3yo for getting into the homemade lotion during said poop cleanup. My mothering is not always as adorable or zen as the above pictures make it seem.  My life is just as messy and crazy as yours, and though sometimes I do blog about those instances, I prefer to blog about the happy times when I am being a cool mom.  I'm not trying to show off and I'm not trying to make you feel bad.  So just remember that.  I love you guys.



    ~Maria aka Cardinal

    1. Hey Maria! Yeah I love it, too... I just cut it in half and each of them get one half secured with a rubber band in back.

  2. hehehe - St. Patty's day stuff on the way on Monday (and I think the 'beer' cans on the green beads are definitely ROOTBEER cans!!!!

  3. I love this and think I may have to join you (on everything but the colored eggs...I just don't think I can handle that)! It looks like you had just as much fun coming up with things as the girls had participating in them! St. Patty's day here we come!! :)

    1. Yes! It's the Crazy-Holiday-Club!