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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From Baldy to Mullet to Ponytail(s)

Apparently my daughters were both doomed to be bald in their early years.  And Sammy followed in her sister's footsteps... I was asked "aw what's his name?" far more often than I care to admit.  Which is probably why my kids are usually dressed in obnoxiously pink/girly attire.  

Here Sam is at one week old.  Smiley and bald.

Here she is the summer we moved to Germany.  Not quite a year old.  Still bald.  So, so bald.  But look at those gorgeous Sammy eyes and that bright big smile that I get to enjoy every day!  And also the drool on the chin.  Man, those were drooly days!

And here she is at her first birthday.  Just starting to have a bit more peach fuzz up top there.  And then.  Then something bad happened: it's called a baby mullet.  There wasn't much I could do about it besides contemplate cutting it off... but she had worked so hard to grow that little tuft of curly hair in the back of her head that kind of made her look like a trailer trash baby.  

So I left the mullet to grow.  And it was kind of ugly for a little while.  But then it finally got to the magical length of ponytail adorableness!  At long last, my Monkey had enough hair for pigtails!  

Here she is this past summer (stubby and unimpressive at first) and then again this past week (so fluffy!)  My kid has hair!  Bye-bye baldy-baby!

It wasn't until I could put it in one ponytail at the back that I felt like she really ended the era of baldy/mulletness.  Now she looks girly, without a doubt.  And can we talk about how much much much easier it is to wrestle Miss Wiggly Do-Da into one ponytail rather than two?  Much easier!  

I would say "sniff sniff, they grow so quickly" but, in the case of their hair... they actually grow really really slow! ;o)


  1. Be nice to em! You can be girly without hair. My mom makes me feel terrible because I don't wear earrings . I dread the, "You'd actually look like a girl if you'd wore them!" comment. It happens every few months.

    -A girl that will always be a girl.

    1. You speak the truth friend. I will take that into account... never want my girls to feel like femininity depends entirely on how you look! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Benjamin was always mistaken for a girl because he had curls. No matter how many boyish truck shirts I dressed him in, I was always asked, "How old is she?" :o

    1. How funny! Now that I think of it, Xavier was always confused as a girl because of his long gorgeous wavy hair and I remember one time in particular when they were visiting us that Lily (in a dress with a pink bow) was called a boy and Zave (in a blue button down shirt) was called a girl. PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!