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Friday, April 26, 2013

Congrats to Bethany on Her Nursing Job!

In honor of Aunt Bethany landing her first *real* job, we thought we'd demonstrate that we can now cough the "nurse-approved" way!  I actually ran and grabbed the camera after I saw Lily coughing into her elbow properly... just so you know it wasn't completely staged ;o)

Oh, and yes Lily was asking to see the video at the end.  Later that day, when I asked them what movie they wanted to watch, she promptly said "the coughing in our elbow movie!"

Anyways congrats on becoming a real nurse Bethany!  I'm so proud of you!!!


  1. silly girls - - I love how Lily tells you 'yes' we cough into our hand - - then Sammy does it (alot) - - just plain goofy!

  2. little teasers!
    good job mom!