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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keukenhof Gardens: Flowers, Farm Animals, and Family Time

Finally!  The rest of our trip pics!  (More coming to facebook, too..)  It's been a busy few weeks, so sorry for the delay.

The Keukenhof Gardens are AMAZING!  The largest flower garden in the world!  It was definitely on my bucket-list to see this and I was in agony trying to decide when "the right time" to go would be.  Photographers recommend mid-April (when we went) to make sure you see the flowers at their peak.  Unfortunately, I didn't factor in the super cold weather we had in the beginning of "Spring", so we actually didn't hit the sweet spot.  BUT we still saw some amazing blooms.

Though the whole park wasn't in full bloom and the trees were still crunchy, the gardeners make sure there's plenty of variety throughout the park.   We enjoyed many many pretty colors.  And I wish I knew the names of some of these flowers!  Jesse and I took turns with the camera, which was fun... some of the awesome shots in these collages are his handiwork.

The girls weren't super in love with being stuck in the stroller for most of the exploring... But they forgave us when we came upon the petting zoo!  There was basically a mini-farm right in the middle of the park... and after that, a playground!  Give Lily a slide and she'll forgive you of pretty much anything ;o)  I also found it amazingly helpful to have a whole bag of Cheerios to ease the pain of stroller-riding... which I think gave them both digestive problems, but poopy blowout stories are not going to be included in my pretty-flower-post.  Anyways, the zoo and park were a nice break for them.

What?  You mean to tell me looking at flowers and watching Momma/Daddy take pictures of flowers isn't a thrilling experience for preschoolers?  Pssssht, nonsense. 

There was an indoor flower garden (many, actually, but we only stepped inside this one) and that was nice because it was a) warm and b) really pretty.  The amount of work that goes into this stuff makes me shudder!  I barely take the time to weed my vegetable garden... forget planting/maintaining flowers!  But I sure don't mind enjoying (and photographing) the pretty fruits of OTHER people's labor!

The weather started to get a little dreary towards the end of our afternoon, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves before the light rain hit.

We had a quick snacky lunch at the playground, found the famous windmill and some wooden clogs, and got ourselves back to the car not long after their usual naptime.  To say we tuckered the Monkeys out would be an understatement.  This pic of Sammy was taken literally before we were out of the parking lot.  Lily wasn't more than 15 minutes later.

And that's our whirlwind trip to the Keukenhof Gardens!  Very pretty and lots of fun... a lovely family memory!

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