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Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Bethany

Thanks for all the sister coffee dates.  Three weeks of having you here totally almost made up for all the ones we've missed since I moved away.

Thanks for the great talks.  I miss those.  I obviously wish we lived closer so we could chat in person more often, but I'm so blessed that we can just pick up where we leave off each time we're together.

Thanks for dealing with enjoying the kids.  I know the little Monkeys can be... difficult at times.  Thanks for all the stories you read, all the hugs you gave, and all the whining you put up with.  Also for those nights when we were both so tired but you whisked them off to bed so I could clean up the dinner mess.  You rock.

Thanks for taking three weeks out of your life to take part in mine.  I so enjoyed showing you around my corner of Europe.  I know I will treasure these memories.  I hate that we can't live forever in "Bethany's-visit-fairy-tale-land" where we get to have endless fun and laughter and cool outings.  But it's time for us both to get back to normal life.

I miss you already.  Best wishes on the next stage of the adventure that is your life.  You're the coolest nurse I know and Strong is lucky to have hired you.  Can't wait to hear how awesome the new job is!  Love you tons.

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