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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preschool Children are Whiny and Unexpected Roads are the BEST

Before we look at more awesome mountains, let's talk about this punk.  A few days before leaving for Zurich, both girls got sick.  But there was nothing I could do about it... they had bad colds with slight fevers so  all I could do was dose them with motrin and hope they could sleep it off... we couldn't cancel our trip so we just had to trudge ahead.  Lily was actually done with the fever part before we left, so I was less worried.

BUT I WAS WRONG.  This girl is such a pain in the butt when she's even SLIGHTLY sick.  (I'm sure it's karma for when I was a kid... Dad said he used to dread when I'd get sick cause I also made everyone else miserable.  Yep, karma.)  Even though Sammy was the one with an actual fever for part of our trip, Lily was the one whining every step of the way. Her complaints became the background music behind all the rest of our background music in the car.  "I soooo SIIIIIICK Momma!"  "I have boogies I need a TISSUE!!!!"  "I want to go HOMEEEE to our house in Otterberger!!!!!!!"

And heaven forbid the sun shine on her whiny face.  HEAVEN FORBID!  Bethany became an expert at creating a sun shield by hanging her coat in the window.  And I got so desperate to stop the whining at one point that I loaned her my sunglasses.

Punk.  I know people say the 2's are terrible, but sometimes my 3yo makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  Not that I don't love her.  Cause boy do I.  But MAN can that kid whine!

Anyways the first night in Zurich they both slept awful, which meant that Bethany and I also slept awful.  Jesse slept okay but we won't be too bitter with him because he had been awake for about 20 hours that day.  But yeah we were all pretty tired starting out for the mountains the next morning.  

It's a good thing we got our faces melted off by these beautiful views or else Bethany would probably have been wishing she could hop on the next flight home.  Epic mountain vistas make up for insanely whiny nieces.  I think.  I hope.  Right, Bethany???

Anyways, these are shots from the car!  I want to live in that adorable village nestled right up to the lake and mountains!  Isn't it just perfect?

So we're driving along and enjoying the increasingly-epic-scenery with every turn, when Jesse comments that the gps is indicating we're going to cross the lake.  "Oh cool, a bridge!" we think.  But as we get closer, we realize we should be seeing the bridge by now...

"Maybe it's a tunnel?"... ???

Try again.  Welcome to our Saturn's first ferryboat trip!  We made the turn and ended up in a parking lot along the lake just as this huge boat was backing in... not knowing what else to do, Jesse fearlessly followed another car onto the ferry!

I was tickled pink because I've never been on an open ferry boat.  ON A LAKE IN SWITZERLAND!  We were afraid for a little bit that it would be really expensive, but all in all it was totally worth it.  There was a bathroom, the girls got to stretch their legs, and we got to see all this...

Seriously!  Do these people know how lucky they are to live here???  On one side of the lake there were all these adorable farm houses and on the other a cute village all snuggled into the mountain.

It was so fun to have this random pit stop where we got to get out of the car and enjoy the sights... while still heading to our destination.  We would never have intentionally chosen a ferry boat, but I'm glad the gps did!  We had instructed the gps to avoid toll roads, but since there are so many toll roads in Switzerland she had to take us at least on this ferry.



  1. OHMIGOSH. Seriously??? Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez. My jaw was on the floor while viewing these pictures.... this is incredible!!!! I would have peed my pants. Everything is SO GREEN! And heck... I'd take a whiny 3 yr old if it meant I got to see this! P.S. pretty sure I want to sit down with you and go through your vacation pictures so you can tell me about each one. Next J & K playdate. (:

    1. Sounds fantastic! You still owe me a walk through of your Ireland pics, too.

  2. Amazing pictures!!! Pretty jealous of your sight seeing!!! And I am so right there with you with the whining!!! I say "I can't understand you you if you don't use your big-boy voice" TOO MANY times a day. My favorite? When he WAKES me up whining. Those are good times! Lol

    1. I know! Ugh. We can get through this stage... I hope ;o)

  3. that's okay, Gigi still loves you, Lily - - I'll take you any time you're sick and whiny!!!

    wow - pretty scenery, Jess - Switzerland is the bomb!!!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  5. That will be our next trip! Also, I despise 3. DESPISE!!! Its the worst. I have no idea why people say "terrible 2's". 2's got nothin' on 3's!!

    1. Seriously. I'm holding out hope that 4's will be good cause I have a girlfriend who swears it's her favorite age. But then... every time Lily goes through a sucky stage I get depressed cause I have to deal with it the following year with Sam. Goody ;o)