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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Speaking of Air Force life, I recently got to shoot a homecoming for a gal from Jesse's squadron.  Her boyfriend was coming back from a six month deployment and I got to be there to capture their first precious moments back together again!  Jasmine had some seriously adorable goodies waiting for him at home.  Super pinteresting ideas - what guy wouldn't love a beer-can-cake?

Random side note: high five Kenneth for your choice in baseball teams!  GO SOX!

Anyways, it was really sweet being there for a homecoming.  The nervousness was contagious and it kind of got me thinking about the D-word.  I've not had to deal with the pain of losing my man to a deployment yet and I'm still crossing my fingers that I won't have to.  *denial*  It was fun to enjoy the reunion through my camera lens and not have to worry about the separation that precedes it.

So welcome home and congrats on being together again you guys!  Thanks both of you for your service and sacrifice for our country.  And thanks again for letting me play paparazzi on that rainy-but-special day in Germany!