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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Last Otterberg Frühlingfest

Last weekend, in between with Bethany left and Uncle Floyd & Josh arrived, we attended our last Spring Festival in Otterberg.  Here are some pictures of the festival two years ago... can you believe how different the girls are?

The first night of the fest, everyone goes down into the square in front of the church for music, food, and beer. It's a blast.  The weather was beautiful and the girls were relatively entertained, so we stayed quite awhile.  One highlight for me was that we bumped into two our our neighbors and they were so excited to see us!  We only know about ten people in this village but it's super fun to be recognized while out and about.  I like to imagine that they think we're the "cool American neighbors" because we run into them while we're out enjoying life in their village.

As previously complained about mentioned, German winters are long, dark, cold affairs.  You can tell that the Germans feel the same, as they celebrate Spring's arrival with great gusto!

I couldn't help but feel super nostalgic at this year's festival.  The Spring Fest only happens every other year, so this will be the last time we get to enjoy it.  It was the first German festival we attended in Germany.  And it's one of my favorites that we've been to our entire time here.

I know it's mid-June and most of you are on the final countdown for summer vacation... but over here in Germany, we're finally experiencing Spring weather and we are tickled pink to see the sun again!

I'm going to miss our perfect little German village so so so much.  I'm so glad to be able to soak up as much of the fun of fest season as we can this year!  Enjoy your Spring/Summer everyone!


PS: Happy Father's Day to My Love... the father of my beautiful children and the love of my life.  And also to my wonderful Dad and Dad-in-law.  I love you all so much.  


  1. Can't believe the differences in the pictures from the last festival to this one! - - both how much the girls have grown up (obviously!) but also in how your photography and blogging-style has matured!

    So, they only have the festival every 2 years, not every year? - - and why is it in June, not earlier in spring? Well, then again I did look at *all* the pictures of the last one, and the girls were dressed in winter coats that year, so I guess "spring" doesn't come until it's officially summer on the calendar!

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my photography/blogging! I see it to, and am very happy with how far I've come. (Though I would like to remind you that at that point two years ago I had lost the camera and we hadn't bought the DSLR so I was shooting with the iPhone! big difference indeed)

    And exactly. They don't dare do an outdoor festival before June because it's too darn cold and rainy in early Spring here. And they only do it every two years because it alternates with the summerfest... that I missed last summer's cause I was busy visiting some of my favorite people in the whole wide world ;o) Love you.

  3. oh wow - I figured you still had the 'point & shoot' camera at that point - - but the iPhone? not such a good camera! And (since that's the case), I'm GLAD you missed the festival last year!

    You know what I think is super-cool about Germans? They don't have 'music' [aka music classes as we know them - - or band, much less marching band] in their schools - - - but yet they always have several adult BANDS that play (and march) at the festivals. You don't see that as often in the US - out of 15 or so marching units in a parade here, we might have one or 2 adult bands (maybe 3 if they got a bagpipe group) and the rest are high school marching band that have time to practice during school!

    1. Good point! I hadn't even noticed that but you're right! There were no high school bands at all! Hm. I wonder why they don't start in high school, since they obviously have a love for it in adulthood? Interesting.