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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Totally Adding "Hotel Manager" to my Resumé

We enjoyed a really lovely final morning with my cousin Josh and Uncle Floyd today and when we dropped them off at the train station Lily asked:

"Who's coming next?  Yours Momma?"  

The girl knows what's up... Hotel Aiduk is at peak "tourist season" this summer ;o) and we're rockin' and rollin' through the guests right now.

The sheets are already washed and changed for Eric and Maria to sleep in tomorrow night!  June is a crazy month.So this was my answer to Lily-bear...

"Nope, Gigi isn't coming next.  Next it's Eric and Maria and then it's Uncle Brother and THEN it's Gigi and Grandpa and Aunt Steph and then it's Aunt Tanya!"  

I don't think I left anyone out!  If you still want to book at Hotel Aiduk you have about ten months till we relocate to a non-European location.  Just kidding I can't handle any more visitors.  

Kidding again, I could never turn friends/family away :o)  

Thanks for the fantastic visit Uncle Floyd and Josh!  It was so great to catch up and make new memories together.  Love and hugs!


  1. haha - who's coming next? I can almost hear her saying that - and I can't wait till the answer IS Gigi! But I'm so excited for all the other peeps the girls get to see, too.

    There's a box on the way - hoping it arrives before E&M leave Germany (their US departure sorta snuck up on me)! And, I want video on the 4th of July with box contents being used!!!

    tell Lily I love her BLUE dress! (Sammy, too - but Lil's is especially blue b/c it's her favorite!)

    1. I'll make sure to check the APO a few times this week. If it's on the way it'll probably be here by the time they leave. I can't wait to see what's in the box! Lily LOVES that blue dress ;o) As I'm sure you knew she would! LOVE YA.