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Sunday, July 28, 2013

He Did So Awesome

You know how you can tell your anniversary date day was awesome?  When you wake up at 11:45am the next day and every muscle in your body is sore.  

Our 5th anniversary celebration last year (the three week train trip around Europe) was obviously one of those "once in a lifetime" or maybe "once every five years" kind of things.  But that's still kind of a tough act to follow.

But as our anniversary approached this year I was just like "hey Babe let's do something fun for our anniversary."  We have a decent sized list of cool local activities that we've been meaning to try but never get around to.  And we both desperately want to break out of the dinner & a movie date night rut.

What I did not expect was for my husband to go into stealth mode and get a babysitter for 24 hours so we could do ALL THOSE THINGS we've been talking about doing!  In. one. day.

Reason #1 my muscles are sore:  Two and a half hours at a high ropes course!  We haven't done something like that together and it was so freaking fun!  There were parts I was scared enough to pee my pants and parts I was challenged enough that I almost gave up... but it was such a great experience to have together.. working through the tough parts and enjoying the fun parts (zip lines!)

Reason #2 my muscles are sore:  My first ever nine holes of golf!  With my first ever very own set of golf clubs!  To say I did good would be a dirty lie... but it was definitely fun and I definitely want to do it again!  And again and again since I am the proud owner of a pretty set of clubs and all!

Reason #3 my muscles are sore:  Indoor go cart racing!  And I might be exaggerating here, but these suckers went FAST!  I have all sorts of bumps and bruises, too, because the track wasn't just a simple "la-la-la-weee" circle... there was all sorts of "WHOA HOLY CRAP THERES A SHARP TURN" moments and I definitely hit the barriers a few times and also spun out once.  But it was so awesome! Jesse lamented when we got back in the Saturn that it just felt so sluggish to drive hehe.

So those were the three main attractions of yesterday's Date Day of the Year.  It also included breakfast at my favorite diner, a couple beers on the roof of the high ropes course building, slight sunburns and possible dehydration, almost wanting to take a nap but instead showering and heading downtown for dinner in Ktown and meeting up with friends. Oh and I hit a bullseye at one of the bar's dart games!  And how can we fail to sing Jesse's praises for waking up at 8am and picking the girls up by himself so I could sleep in? 

Happy anniversary Babe!  Six years, man!  Hard to believe.  Thanks for the awesome day yesterday.  Perfectly executed... right down to the perfect weather I'm sure you planned for ;o)  It was the best!  Love you tons.


  1. hehehehe - - the weather guy planned the perfect weather for the perfect date day! Good job J!

    1. Yep! He even planned the perfect weather for our pajama day the next day... chilly rain outside, cozy blankets and movies inside :o)