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Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Days: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

1.  Root beer floats with my man.  We've done these a few times this summer.  My favorite was when we drank them on the upper patio overlooking Otterberg after the girls were in bed.

2.  Sunsets.  We always have a great view... I will never forget how deliciously long and beautiful the summer evenings are in Germany.

3.  Chalk fun.  We've been doing lots of outdoor play lately.  We try hopscotch and I maKe roads for little bikes.  We've also tried an ABC game where I write out some letters and they have to put a toy on the letter I call out.  And of course there are lots of requests to "write my NAME Momma!" (Lily's favorite thing)

4.  German countryside.  I drove Kirsten to the airport a few weeks back, and by "drove her" I mean she drove (I was having car troubles so we had to use her car for the drop off) and I sat in the passenger seat with my camera.  It was a beautiful morning and I just love this shot.

5.  Fresh fruit.  Lilo's cherry tree didn't give us much fruit this year... so sad.  But enough to sample a few fresh ones. Even though the fruit in our yard isn't bountiful, the grocery stores are full of fresh produce... some of it even local!

6.  This awesome tree.  I will always remember the summers in the back yard with this tree/bush behind the slide... It's a brighter green at the top so in the evenings, even though the yard is in shadow from the house, this tree is on fire because the top still gets the sunlight.  So pretty!  (Also shout out to my silly Monkeys)

7.  This moment brought to you by Jesse.  How did he keep the kids still and posed so cute, hold a butterfly on one hand, and hold the camera in the other?  This guy is magical!

8.  Lizzards.  These suckers all over our yard and I *hope* their main purpose in life is to eat the bugs out of my garden. But I don't really know.  All I know is they're fast and it's really funny to watch the girls try to catch them.  (no success stories)

9.  Dirty footprints inside are a sign of a good time outside.  Like I said, we've been playing outside a lot.  Lately they've been needing a shower and a tick check every night because of how dirty and sweaty they are by the end of the day.  (Speaking of tick checks, TWO on Sammy in the past month... I always knew she was sweet but ewwww.  Don't worry Grandmas, I'm checking all of us regularly and watching for bulls-eye rashes)  But neither dirt nor sweat nor ticks can keep us from running around in the beautiful weather... riding bikes, playing with chalk, digging in the dirt.  Good times.

10.  Mr. Moon, late at night.  It was so bright and big a few nights ago I almost didn't need to turn a light on to brush my teeth before bed!

11.  Mr. Moon, early early morning.  In my usual fashion, I was up around 5am the other day and saw this out my window.  I almost tripped rushing around trying to get the tripod and camera set up before it set over the hill.  Good morning Otterberg!  (See what you miss when you don't get up at 5am?)

12.  This girl.  Just loving life.  SUMMER IS AWESOME!!!  I hope you guys are having as glorious and memorable a summer as we are!  I'm trying to soak up the sun and enjoy it all, even the blistering heat!  German summers almost make up for German winters.  Almost.


  1. Love it! Especially that last one of Lily--that's fantastic.

    1. I was super excited to capture that shot... I was trying so hard to get a good "action" pic of them running around like crazy! It was so cute to hear their squeals :o)

  2. It's so *amazing* to me how much those 2 girlses have grown up in the last year . . . LJ no longer looks like a 'toddler' . . . and it makes all the more aware of the fact that I *never* want to go another whole year without seeing them [OR YOU AND J] again!!!

    1. I know, it's been a looooong year apart. Hopefully we'll never have a repeat of that!