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Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Love My Sparkly New Baby and Sam Loves the "Toys" it Comes With

Ta-da!!!  My Love told me "good things come to those who wait" and I didn't really believe him because I hate waiting.  But he sure did deliver on his promise to find me a good, reliable vehicle!  This shiny new [to us] 2012 Ford Focus is named "LOLa"... you say it like low-la but you definitely have to write it LOLa because she's named for the goofy guy who sold it to us and the fact that he listed his car on Ramstein Yard Sales and used "lol" in a sentence.  So we LOLed at him and named the car LOLa.

Anyways I'm also calling LOLa our first "big kid car" because it's the first time in our lives we've spent more than $3,000 on a car.  GO US!  Did you know, when you spend more than $3,000 on a car, that it comes with all sorts of fancy things like power locks, power windows, cruise control, and...

...panic buttons.  Why, oh why, do they make those buttons red?  It's like they're asking for every child on the planet to pleasepressthisbutton.  Like seriously look at it?  If you had a choice, which one would you press?  Duh.

Sammy, bless her heart, made sure that everyone in the neighborhood was well aware of our  new car situation.  First thing this morning, LOLa's first full day at home, I was giving the girls a bath.  Sam was dressed first so I sent her out to wait for us in the living room.  As I'm washing Lily's hair I hear a car alarm go off.  And I think "oh, that sucks, someone's car alarm is going off before 8am on a Saturday."  And then Jesse slams out of the bedroom and down the hall and I think "oh, that's our car. crap."

So yeah.  The panic button works great.  Other than that I'm not really a car person, so I can't give you any real stats.  But I can tell you that I love bright red.  And I love that this thing is *pretty much* guaranteed not to break down on me any time in the near future (side eye to the Saturn and Mercedes) soooooo it's basically the bestest most awesomest car ever.  In my opinion.


  1. Silly Sammy - but that's a really funny story when it comes right down to it!

    1. It's true. She did give us a good laugh ;o)