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Monday, February 10, 2014

Get in the Pic Challenge | Baking Together

A local photographer here just started a facebook group to help challenge and encourage us photographer moms to get IN the pictures with our kids! She says it's "for photographers that want their families to have memories that they were there too." I just love that!

This is always a good thing for me to keep reminding myself of. I blogged about it before but I still forget to step out from behind the camera and capture those daily memories with the girls.

I like to make excuses. "Jesse's at work I have no one to take the pictures well"... "the lighting is terrible in here at night"... "My hair is a mess and I'm sooo tired, I'd just rather bake the muffins myself..."

But I had already offered to let them help me bake that evening.  

They were super pumped to wear aprons. And they made me wear mine :o) And Lily kept the princess dress on. It was all a little hectic and sparkly and chaotic and fun... a pretty perfect description of my life with these two monkeys. 

So we baked pumpkin muffins and I used the tripod and the remote timer to take self-portraits of the process.

All in all, I'm pleased with the results. It didn't take that much extra effort, and I captured some memories that both the girls AND I will treasure in years to come.

And that's the whole point of photographing family life, isn't it? 


  1. I love this, because it's so true: the photographer needs to be photographed. Your set-up was brilliant! I mean, it's either that or selfies... O.o

  2. you did a great job- they look totally like there was another person there capturing candid shots!


    ps- MIL - I'm relegated to anonymous posting since I can't seem to remember my password :(