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Friday, February 21, 2014

My Top 5 Reasons Toy Rooms are AWESOME

#1.  Almost all the toys are out of my sight. 

#2.  The girls seem to be doing better at solo play (i.e. without Momma around) for longer periods of time.

#3.   Almost all the toys are out of my sight.

#4.  When they are desperate to watch a kiddie movie and I am desperate not to hear Little Foot's whiny voice one. more. time... well, they get to watch a movie in the toy room! Everyone wins!

#5.  Almost all the toys are out of my sight! 

Did I mention the toys are out of sight? Yeah, it's pretty awesome. I am tempted to worry that I'm teaching them bad habits by letting them leave the room an absolute disaster most days, but let's be real... I used to let them leave my living room an absolute disaster most days. So at least J and I feel like we have a little more adult space going on.

Speaking of adult space we stole the big upstairs bedroom from the girls and moved them into the smaller room. But they don't seem to mind cause they got a toy room out of the deal ;o)

I seriously used to be so jealous of moms who had toy rooms. So far I'm loving it. And the girls seem to love it to! We're still using the method of switching toys out periodically... otherwise there would just be wall to wall toys in there and it would be overwhelming to clean, if we ever felt so inclined.

So about once a week we box up some of the toys and get out some new ones. The dress up clothes. The barbies. The "boy toys" (what they call all the dinosaurs, cars, tools, etc. haha)

Three cheers for a little less chaos in my living room! 


  1. Yes. toy rooms are fabulous. We clean ours every other Saturday (bedrooms are the other Saturdays). The real reason we clean every weekend? I get to be alone in my sewing room (usually mending, blah) while they are "cleaning" for 2 hours. Then right before lunch I go in and get all bossy butt and it gets finished in 20 minutes. ha.

    1. Hm maybe I should do a periodic clean up like that... just give them the simple instructions and a time limit (before I have to get bossy butt too haha)

  2. Thanks for the video of the girlses and the new toy room!!! It was good to see them ;) I always loved having a toy room when we had the space for one - - it kept the toys out of the living room AND your bedrooms!!!

    However, now that I see most (?) of the previous living room furniture in the toy room, I'm curious about what the "new" living room looks like!

    Love you-alls!!!

    1. Yeah we are looking for another couch or something for the living room. But you know me, I kind of like the minimalist look for now. Just the love seat and chair in there for now. There's also a new computer setup in the corner with THREE (yeah I know don't ask he's a tech nerd) computer monitors. So that takes up some space ;o)