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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sick Sick SICK

Germans are celebrating Fasching this week... so they're getting all dressed up and hopped up on sugar (and booze) while my poor Monkeys have been sitting on the couch melting their brains with Pixar.

So. much. sickness. 

February was one of those "where did the month go?" kind of months - mostly thanks to the on-and-off-again sickness from these two cuties. They've missed a good bit of school and are currently driving me insane suffering from fever/coughs. Thankfully the fevers are done, just the coughs and whining remain ;o) 

Lily, my passionate sufferer, is quite ornery during this most recent illness. And Momma, also a passionate sufferer, is quite ornery because she's quite ornery and I keep begging Jesse to "let" me go run any and every errand possible just to get out of the house! It's been five days and I feel like it's been 50.

So they were NOT able to dress up cute and celebrate the end of winter with candy and sweets at their school's Fasching party yesterday. They've watched so much tv this week they're actually getting bored of it - gasp! Anyways we're all feeling lazy and gross.

February was supposed to be my "let's get back to that regular cleaning schedule" month. And my "let's blog more regularly again" month. And my "let's start exercising more regularly" month. Yeah right. Maybe March will be a less-sick month.

But at least I can cross "read 'The Gruffalo's Child' 5,000 times" off of my bucket list!

Sometimes SICK happens. 


  1. Oh, how I can relate dear!! Our 3 sickies, plus Momma, have been miserable for the past week or so. And we MOVED in the middle of it! :) Feeling on the up and up today... btw, we have a toy room for the first time ever now and I AM SO IN LOVE! :) We agree again.

    Love ya! Hope you are all feeling better better better soon!

    1. Oh wow where did y'all move to? Sounds crazy with the kiddos AND being sick! I hope the novelty of the new toy room allows you some much deserved R&R!

  2. Just a few minutes from where we were before... not a long or bad move. We bought Steve's grandfather's house from him. What an AMAZING blessed journey its been! I am so grateful. It's so fun for me to have the house where Steve grew up running around and climbing the tree in the back yard. Plus, it's where his Dad grew up so Zeph now has "Pop's" old room. :)

    1. Aw that's just adorable. What a blessing! Congrats, you home owner you ;o)