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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sammy's First Trip to Nina's!

So... I finally took Sam to get her hair cut! It was one of those "I really should have done this forever ago" things that you just never really get around to because you're a lazy human and you're just putting it in a ponytail most days anyways so who cares that it's a scraggly little rat's nest?

Just kidding, it wasn't really a rat's nest. Though it was nice to get her "her first hairs cut" finally, and it does look a lot more tidy!

Lily got a trim, too. Second time in her life haha. I was toying with the idea of shorter hair for both, like a shoulder-bob or something. Or maybe bangs for Sammy. But I wasn't ready to commit, so trims work for now!

Both girls were super pumped to play with the puppy while they waited for their turn :o)

Ta-da! Now all three Aiduk girls have had Nina cut their hair! And Mommy impressed Nina by asking "how much do I owe you?" in German, the girls impressed her by "counting" to ten in German (with help from Mommy haha) We like to show off ;o) 

Happy Monday from Germany!

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  1. Love that Lily has fingers in her mouth and belly button ;) All three of you are adorable!