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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things, March Edition

This is the pose and face I got (without any direction) when I said "hey the light is really beautiful right now can I take a few pictures of you?" to which Lily replied "OH YES PLEASE!"

She was "ready" by the time I came back with the camera! Oh so natural, Lil ;o)

Some favorite quotes from Lily lately:

"Daddy is my favorite boy, but don't tell him." (Of course I told him, that's way too cute not to tell!)

"Mom! We don't have to get a puppy now! We have HIM!!" (She exclaimed with glee as she danced around holding Sam's Clifford stuffed animal. Mommy, the non-dog-person, is greatly relieved that Clifford will suffice for now!)

"I wish I had some coffee. But not your coffee Mom, KID coffee. Speaking of coffee, I need to go PEE!"

Sam, who wouldn't stop talking during this random little photo shoot, has been saying: 

"I yike you, I going to keep you." (She said as she wrapped her pudgy, sticky little hands around my neck and squished my face into hers. GAH)

"Is Daddy shaving his prickers off?" (translation: prickers = whiskers) 

"Ladies FIIIIIRST" (She says this now almost every time we go through any door. She holds it open and chants Ladies First in a very sing-songy voice until everyone has gone through. Even Daddy, who put up a fight and protested at being called a lady, but ultimately lost.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When your kids make you laugh, be sure to write it down immediately OR YOU'LL FORGET! That was some of the best parenting advice I got when I was pregnant with Lily and I'm so glad I've rushed for a pen whenever I chuckle. These silly sayings will be gone in a flash! 


  1. I love these 2 sillies very, very much!

  2. LOVE LOVE! :)

    Zeph was recently picking up a 25 pound weight that Steve has... Uh, that's a little much for an extreme scrawny boy! I heard Steve say "You are gonna smash your toes!" I said "OR, you will give yourself a hernia!!!" Steve chimed again "OR you are gonna smash your toes!!!" Zeph replied, while grunting the weight up again with both hands... "OR, I'm going to get strong."

    I lost it. :) They just don't have that sense of fear we have, do they?

    The pictures of the girls are gorgeous. Wonderful light!!

    1. Haha awesome! He's like, "guys, I GOT this" ;o)

  3. In the unlikely event that I ever have children, I hope they're satisfied with a Clifford toy puppy as well.

    Great photos, as usual!

  4. this was terrific because the subjects are wonderfully, splendiferously, special! may I PLEASE please please have access to those photos? I have just the spot for them :)
    love to all, Jessica

  5. They are too cute!! I especially like the coffee one. Beautiful girls and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I may need to steal this idea. :)

    1. Steal away my friend! I'm all for sharing ideas!