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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Gratitude. So Thankful it Hurts...

There are so many things a mother is thankful for each day.

I paid special attention to them today. 

Thankful for hot cups of coffee as the girls chattered away during breakfast.

Thankful for a husband, the other half of this whole motherhood equation, who took them shopping for flowers and a let them pick out a beautiful gift .

Thankful for a tex-mex restaurant that has a kiddie play area right off of the dining room. Some good conversation with My Love while I sipped a margarita, ate a chimichanga, and laughed as my girls mostly played and sometimes munched on chips and salsa.

Thankful for a long afternoon nap with both girls snuggled up beside me on the pull out couch.

Thankful for some quiet moments to read a good book while they watched some favorite movies.

Thankful for yoga to help me unwind and stay strong for them.

Thankful for kisses... still sticky and kinda gross for the apple she was eating.

Thankful for the sun shining in through the windows as we read a stack of bedtime stories on the couch, them snuggled in close.

Thankful for an unsolicited comment as I tucked her into bed, the one who made me what we celebrate today, "You are da bestest and most beautiful Mom I ever had!"

Thankful for a quiet evening to soak in a hot bath. To think. Of what my body was capable of. To remember the way it swelled with my girls' lives. The way it hurt to bring them into this world. The way it sustained them with milk and continues to comfort them.

Thankful for the honor of being a MOTHER.

Happy Mother's Day!

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