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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Family Fun | Kaiserslautern May Carnival

The stars aligned last week (read: J just so happened to have the night off when we wanted to go to "family day" at the Carnival!) and we got to surprise the girls with some awesome family time after kindergarten.

There was a ferris wheel, there was cotton candy the size of Lily's upper body, and there were kiddie rides galore.

The horse rides are always a favorite!

And Jesse taught the girls what *fun* it is to spin the cart on the ferris wheel. I was torn between a panic-attack from my slight fear of heights and tossing my cookies from motion sickness ;o)

But their giggles made up for it. "FASTER DADDY!!!!!" 

And speaking of "FASTER DADDY!" Lily went on her first big-kid ride. That top picture is her smiling her head off with Jesse while they got spun faster than the speed of light. She loved it! 

Despite her grumpy look with the clown up there, she was actually even more excited to see the clown than Sammy was... but I think perhaps not as thrilled when I suggested a picture with said clown. "Mooooooom..."

After we ran out of euro After we had our fill of three hours of rides, french fries, rides, cotton candy, rides, chocolate covered grapes, rides, mini donuts, and MORE RIDES we finally called it a night and dragged them home to bed. Lily specifically informed me that a) "we could just go get more money at the store, Mom!" and b) leaving the carnival was her least favorite part!

Kids :o)

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  1. looks like so much fun- their smiles tell the story. I'm not a big fan of the moving the seat of the rides!