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Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Call Her Little Miss Jumps-a-LOT

Lily's new "thing" is jumping. Off of everything. It's super cute and great exercise, I'm sure, but it makes walking anywhere take twenty times as long.

Because duh MOM she HAS to jump off of everything at least THREE times!

And then there's poor Little Sis, who is not quite as brave or coordinated as Big Sis. And yet so DESPERATELY wants to do everything Lily does ;o) 


  1. wow! these are terrific- Lilbear in lots of action! great job recording her love of jumping. I remember when she jumped off the porch here over and over and over again- and the fact that she was jumping into gram's arms makes the memory even fonder...

    1. And the muscles even more sore ;o) Now you'll get to watch her jump and only cringe a little at the distances she bravely conquers! (She likes to do up to three steps at once!)