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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recipe | German Wurstsalat - Sausage Salad | When in Rome...

In this "back to school" busy season, I am constantly on the hunt for super fast food. Bonus points if it's pretty healthy but feels kind of like comfort food. 

This wurstsalat (sausage salad) was a super easy dinner a few nights back.

I had it for the first time in a restaurant in the Black Forest and then just the other day I saw that Wasgau carries pre-sliced and ready to go wurst! Which is essentially bologna.

All you do is cut up your cheese into ribbons (and your bologna, if you don't have access to a German grocery store!) and mix it up.

I stored this whole bowl in the fridge "un-dressed" because I didn't want it to get soggy. But it's generally served with a bit of oil and maybe a splash of vinegar. I added some salt and pepper but if you're using sauerkraut don't add too much salt like I did. Oops. (WHY do I do that so often? Seriously you'd think I'd learn!)

You garnish the wurstsalat with a generous scoop of sauerkraut. Unless you're My Love cause he hates sauerkraut. And then I totally went crazy and added some cherry tomatoes. Not sure if that's even allowed in Germany but shhhhh. We served it with some pieces of crunchy baguette. YUM.

It kind of feels like a fancy version of a bologna and cheese sandwich! 86 the wonder bread and mayo, sub sauerkraut. And baguette.

Wurstsalat gets 4 Aiduk stars. And an extra one from Mom because it's just plain fun and kind of pretty and super easy to make! I'm thinking it might be a popular portable lunch item, too! The kindergarten teachers will be super impressed with my wanna-be-German-ness ;o)

So what do you think? Sound like something you'd try? Tell me in the comments if it totally weirds you out or if it kind of sounds yummy! 

And PS I don't recommend using Oscar Mayer. I feel like it would bring down the classy-factor a bit. Go for some high quality deli meat and a mild cheese. I used butterkase, which reminds Jesse of American cheese and is pretty popular with the kiddos.

Guten Appetit! 


  1. that sounds yummy - but I'm with J on the sauerkraut! gotta say I'm seriously looking forward to German bologna, cheese AND especially bread!

    1. Well don't worry, if I make it for ya we can totally leave the sauerkraut off ;o) I'll just eat it all by myself because I LOVE IT! #sauerkrautnerd