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Monday, October 27, 2014

From This Mom to All Moms: Bad Days Happen, Even When Our Intentions Were So Good!

Dear Moms,

Don't be fooled. Just because you had a great morning doesn't mean you'll be having a great evening.

Sure, you got a lot of work done this morning, and rocked German class and a bunch of errands all in perfect time to go pick up the kids. You enjoyed your fresh tomato and mozz baquette from Globus as you rocked out to music with the windows down.

Yes, it was sunny today. So so so sunny.

Oh yeah, you thought you were going to be such a Cool Mom and surprise your kids with a trip to the Dinosaur Park... which is closing for the season on Friday. Good job you!

But wait. 

Remember that spot at the kindergarten that has a sign that says "parking forbidden" which all of you kindy moms ignore if the other spaces are full? Well, today is your lucky day to win the "no one ever gets a ticket for parking here" lottery! 

Oh and don't forget that your children are going to be super worn out from playing outside all day. And of course they're going to be super whiny and uncooperative.

As in "OHMYGOSHMOM I can't get my SHOES on all the way LETSFREAKOUT" kind of almost-5yo meltdowns. With shrieking. While Daddy is sleeping off a rough mid shift trying to sleep upstairs.

And while you think you're being smart for bringing food, you're actually retarded for bringing a new kind of cheese. Just because it has pineapple doesn't mean it's going to get rave reviews. Also, minus twenty points for thinking that it would be warm at the park just cause the sun was shining.

PS you forgot to bring the correct Euro change for the parking machine. And rather than risk another ticket you'll be making a trip into the office for change and then back out to the car.


It doesn't matter that you're going to go down the slide three times in a row with those precious little humans you gave birth to... they're still sure as hell not going to let you sit down and enjoy that tiny cup of coffee for five minutes. No way.

One kid will get stuck at the top of some playground equipment and refuse to come down.

One kid will want to see the Dinos but the other won't.

Everyone's going to be miserable. But after sticking it out for 1.5 hours they're STILL going to complain about leaving. Loudly. Complain.

The truth is, and we all know this, sometimes being a Mom sucks. 

And that's okay cause once you get them home and in a nice warm bubble bath... and once you have some coffee... you'll all be snuggly and warm by the fire. Forgetting the whole afternoon. You will still have a lot of work to do after they're in bed. And one of them will probably wake up crying that she's got a sore throat while you're writing a blog post. But at the end of the day, it's just a day.

It was kind of a bad day. But they happen.

And while you know they'll happen again... while you know that you have so much work to do to clean up the kitchen and work on client photos and write and research and organize your professional life... you also know that your girls' fresh soapy hair smells so good as you read ten thousand bedtime stories and they snuggle up on either side of you.

Because even on the worst of days, we all know that being a Mom is as awesome as it is hard. Actually... more awesome. So much more.

And even though it didn't feel like anything about the afternoon went right, you DID take your kids to the park. You snuggled with them and read them a million stories even though you were tired and had a lot to do.

Cut yourself some slack.

Love and goodnight,
    Jess... another Mom in the trenches just like you


  1. Oh Jess. We're all in the same boat! I took my kids to The Roald Dahl museum today because the eldest loves his books, but I didn't factor in my 2 year old having a meltdown and biting me and his brother, and then punching my mum in the knee. Goodness only knows what got into him today. So our day trip lasted until lunchtime by which time I'd had enough. I brought them home and retreated behind my laptop screen (allowing them to have an unsuitably long stint on the Playstation - aka mum's respite). Being a parent is tough, the hours are ridiculously long (and there's no Union for me to join - All out! Strike!) and often thankless but the cuddles are awesome.. and my 2 year old can, on the rare occasion, be quite nice.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and encourage me Sam! Your day sounds just as awful as mine! And YES to retreating behind your favorite electronic device while they retreat behind theirs... some days are just "you guys want to watch a movie? Or three?" days. Around here, I try so hard to stay off the computer while they're awake. But goodness sometimes there's just no working with these little monsters! And I giggled at your analogy of a Mother's Union... I think it's probably a good thing we can't negotiate our contracts ;o) I would have probably quit by now! Hugs from Germany! Here's hoping both our days go better today!

  2. I'm afraid I can't sympathise as a fellow mummy, but I can say that I think mummies are awesome people, often under appreciated. Stick around though. Those little people grow up into people who think differently and one day the groans and moans and tantrums will give way to admiration, respect and friendship. And even, if you're really lucky, they'll be there for you when you need them. x

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sarah! You are absolutely correct and I'm so thankful for the chance to be their mom!