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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things | October Kid Quotes

Sam was taking some extra toilet paper to the upstairs bathroom to "help" me ;o) She came downstairs in a panic... "MOM!!! They're STUCK! They gonna be stuck FOREVER!"


Sam: "Mom! Can we watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Bambi?"

Jesse: "Do you guys want hot chocolate while we carve pumpkins?"
Lily: "YEAH! With mushrooms! But not the kind of mushrooms we put on pizza!"
Me: "Uh... You mean marshmallows?"

Lily: "When I have a baby, I'm going to name her Rainbow Flower Sparkly Jewel"

Tell me your kids most hilarious quote lately. I'd love a comment section full of good laughs!


  1. I don't have any Jessica! But I entertained 1000's of children's at birthday parties for years and they were priceless!

    One little boy disappeared, then returned dressed as Alice in Wonderland. He was like a cute little rugby player (aged around 3) so it was a look I was expecting. When I asked him who he was (I was pretending I didn't know the costume) .. he replied, slowly, with a HUGE tut and rolling of eyes: "I'm a GIRLLLLLL!"

    One little boy was dressed as a lion. I asked him why he was a lion. He stood up, looked at me like I was daft and said: "Because my Buzz Lightyear costume is in the wash!"

    I was running a limbo game and a little girl aged 5 went zipping under the pole in her cowgirl skirt and cowgirl, heeled boots. She lifted up her right heel afterwards, looked up and me and said in diva voice "My boots are KILLING me."

    The list goes on. I had years of it and wished I'd written them all down!

    PS Love the photo of your daughter with the loo rolls on her arms. Very cute.

    1. Haha Sarah those were hilarious! I love the "my boots are killing me" girl! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. "mom. can we ask the vet for Charlie's testitickles to take home and dissect?
    "Dad traded me this chcolate for some other candy that makes you poop."
    "I don't actually know anything, mom."
    "Maybe I should give him some smarties so he will be knowing things?"

    the list goes on...

    1. Hahahaha!! First of all, WHO is Charlie? Second of all, your kids are hilarious! I hope you write those down. And you should post them more on facebook for me ;o) I forget how much I love hearing from your boys! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Charlie is the 6m old boston terror. er, terrier.