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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

7 Mompreneurs Well Worth Supporting this Holiday Season

Alright Santas... time to start making those lists, and checking them twice, right?

I have a great list of ideas to get your list started!

Who doesn't love to make an awesome purchase while knowing it benefits someone you believe in? Someone who's working hard.

Someone who lights up their little corner of the world with creativity.

We all know many someones out there who are striving to work from home or running small businesses. 

I would like to highlight seven hard working Moms this Christmas season. Consider starting your holiday gift shopping right here with this list of great products, services, and ebooks! 

You can check some gifts off your list while knowing you're giving a financial high five to these amazing ladies. 

1. The first thing you need to buy is for yourself actually - the Keeping Christmas Cozy ebook from Alissa over at her Creative with Kids blog. Because the first thing we usually do at the mention of Christmas is go off the deep end with to-do lists and stress. Alissa's simple (short!) ebook was a delight to read. I got some great ideas from her (and printables so I have even less to do!) and was feeling super zen after reading it. Her main message is that we want to strive for "connection, not perfection" as we plan out our family's holiday memories. 

2. You know how much I love Raisin' Acres Farm. They are my go-to for all things skin care related. And the hand-crafted bar soaps are so delightful to smell and feel so great on the hands! They would make perfect stocking stuffers! The 1 oz jars of hand creme would also be perfect for the stockings on your lists... I really like that they are the perfect size to toss in my purse to have on hand (ha.ha.pun) whenever dry, itchy skin strikes. I recently tried her herbal bath tea and oh heavens was it relaxing. Who doesn't want THAT for Christmas?

3. If you love to shop in style and are obsessed with fun hair accessories... then Sarah at Jules & Belle Go to Market has what you need. Everyone needs a beautiful market tote. Or two or three. You could even use them to wrap gifts for people! I'm thinking of getting Lily and Sam some more hair bows and headbands from her, as well as a "tiny tote" for each of them. We love our headbands - adorable AND comfortable! 

4. Three great ebooks (and one for free!) from Trina Holden! Tips and tricks on eating healthier but being able to cook faster. How to plan and be efficient in the kitchen. How to dress your changing mom-bod so you can hold your head high no matter how much baby weight you still "need" to lose. And of course, the newest cookbook that I reviewed about real food as a stress-free journey. Her books would be great for any new mom or anyone starting out in the real food journey.

5. For the local shoppers you should consider gift certificates from Grace Studio. You can find something for everyone at Grace. You can purchase gift certificates for dance classes (starting at 125 euro for the semester) and for fitness/yoga classes or German language classes you can get a 10 class punch card for only 65 euros! If I had more time in the week, I would probably be at Grace Studio every day... fantastic German lessons, invigorating yoga classes, FemFusion, and of course, chuckling as my kids pitter about during pre-ballet ;o) 

6. Here's a website I'm really excited to introduce you to: FemFusion. What is FemFusion, you ask? I'll let the founder, Bri, answer in her own words... "Your go-to resource for women's health and fitness information. Doctor-designed videos, live group fitness classes, and an online community. Look good, feel great, and shine brighter!" Here's the shop. The information is spot on and the encouragement from knowing and learning from Bri has been so great! It might seem weird to get someone fitness-related videos for Christmas, but I know I always feel the need for a fitness re-boot after a delightful December of Christmas cookies and egg nog! There are three different locations for FemFusion in the KMC. Also, I haven't finished reading it myself yet, but she has this really great ebook available as well and so far it's been an eye opening lesson on the neglected female issue of poor inner core health. Bri's all about educating while encouraging. Win win!

7. Now it's my turn! Time to toot my own horn and recommend fine art prints from Jesse's Girl Photography! One thing that's really cool to do with them is order a set of 5-10 photos that would look nice in a collage or grouped together in a specific room. I've had clients order sets of food photography to make collages in their kitchens or produce shots for a gardening shed! I know sunflowers are really popular, so you can get a bunch together for the sunflower-lover in your life! There's something for everyone because everyone likes to decorate their walls with something beautiful to look at. And here is my easy tutorial on hanging a great photo collage. You'll never have to guess again!

And then of course, there's my amazon affiliate link. Which is for those of you who want none of the above but would still like to support my blog.

If you're anything like me, you shop amazon like CRAZY during the holidays. Since you're going there anyways, please consider heading there by way of any of my affiliate links. You can click that big box right there, or you can use the smaller link at the top right of my sidebar.

What happens (it couldn't be easier for you!) is you click "through me" to get into amazon. Then you shop. For whatever you want. (You don't have to shop for something that I have linked to. I can link to a 10 gallon tub of coconut oil and you can buy your husband new headphones.)

The amazon robots watch you and then when you purchase something, they toss a few coins in my bank account as a thank you for advertising for them! You don't even have to do anything! (The same is true for my Mountain Rose Herbs box in the sidebar, which you could use to get the hippie in your life some essential oils!)

So those are my suggestions for supporting some awesome small businesses this Christmas! 

Happy shopping!

If any of these products or services excite you, please pin it for later to your "gift idea" board!


  1. what a great resource! thanks for putting so much thought and effort into this- makes it kind of one-stop-shopping!

    1. Haha good that's what I was hoping for! A little something for everyone on the list! HUGS!