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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When in Rome: Make "Abendbrot" [Evening Bread] a Weekly Tradition

One thing about Germany that I plan to take with us is the tradition of eating simple meals that focus on fresh bread and yummy meats and cheese. 

Jenny taught us at German class that the word for dinner is "abendbrot" (evening bread) because it's a German tradition to simply have fresh bread for dinner, topped with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

She told us how it was tough for her to adjust to the American way of eating dinner. She never used to cook (or eat) heavy meals in the evenings. She was used to abendbrot! She felt like a lazy wife because all she wanted was some fresh bread!

I immediately thought that this was the most brilliant thing ever! 

I mean, of course I love to cook and dinner is the traditional meal I'm used to sharing with family, so I know I can't adopt this German tradition in it's entirety.

But heck who doesn't love the idea of having a backup menu item of bread, cheese, and sliced meats?

Sometimes we do this already, and we call it "cheesy bread night"... where we buy a fresh baguette and some soft cheese, melt it into heavenly gooeyness in the oven, and enjoy it with fresh fruit or olives. Definitely some red wine.

{I know, it kind of sucks if you don't live in Germany and have access to their amazing bread. But you can totally make your own... or find an artisan type place to buy some - shout out to Wegmans!}

Ideas to include with your fresh yummy bread: 
   - sliced cheese
   - deli meats
   - sliced cucumbers, radishes, or tomatoes
   - olives
   - hard boiled eggs
   - grapes, apples, or fresh berries

So hey, in the spirit of cutting ourselves some slack in our real food journey, be like the Germans and add "abendbrot" to your busiest night this week.

No cooking allowed! 

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