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Monday, December 1, 2014

Delicious Thanksgiving Wraps, with Tortilla Rolling Tips

We have a good amount of turkey and 'fixins left from Thanksgiving and in case you do, too, here is my new favorite way to enjoy them!

Thanksgiving wraps! 

So much less work than turkey pot pie or a turkey panini or even turkey soup! A tad bit more work than a turkey sandwich with mayo, but much more yummy.

Bonus points for being portable. We actually took a version of these to Colmar last year so we could still have "thanksgiving dinner" and they were great as a make-ahead meal. 

It's something you can make a bunch of at once and toss in the fridge for hungry scavengers to find! 

Tortillas, cream cheese, cranberry sauce, leftover deviled egg filling, and turkey. It's more of an "add what you have leftover still or add whatever you think will taste good" kind of thing. Not really a hard and fast recipe.

The cream cheese is important though. And also the turkey and stuffing. Otherwise I don't feel like you can call it a Thanksgiving wrap ;-)

We had some leftover veggies from the turkey tray and I've also used lettuce or spinach. I like a crunch in mine, and the green stuff makes me feel better about the boxed stuffing and the canned cranberry jelly ;-)

And that's it! Super easy! We're having them for dinner and lunches a couple times this week till the leftovers are gone. Hurray for not having to cook! I just wrap them in foil and pop them in the fridge.

Also, for those who are baffled about how to roll a tortilla tightly, fear not... 

This is the way I roll up our breakfast burritos, too. Helps keep everything together nicely!

I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving leftovers as much as we are! 

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