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Monday, December 8, 2014

Keys to Thinking Outside the Box with Gift Giving

We're obviously thinking about gift-giving more at this time of year than at any other.

And there's no reason to stress yourself or your wallet when it comes to giving meaningful gifts to your loved ones. 

Why not give them the gift of your services?

This is like the grown-up version of those cute little coupons you used to give your parents... you know, the ones that said "this coupon is for a ten minute back rub" or "present this coupon for me to mow the lawn for you." That kind of stuff.

But now you're going to think hard about what you have to offer the world and offer it to your friends and family for free!

So what can you give a coupon for? For me, the obvious answer is the gift of my photography. But what do you do? Do you sew, craft, write, draw/paint? What's your passion? Do you love to read or exercise or are you really good at math?

Your "coupon" could be a coaching or tutoring session. It could be helping someone you love tackle that project they've been procrastinating on. 

Think about the things we all know we'd love to outsource but just can't afford.

When I was up to my eyeballs in diapers and toddler drama, I would have had a heart attack of relief if someone had offered to come clean my house for two hours. And I would have just peed my pants if someone gave me a 36 hour coupon for babysitting so I could actually sleep in on a weekend!

There are eight bajillion easy DIY projects on Pinterest that you could make for someone pretty cheaply... your coupon could give them a few options and they get to choose which they would like best.

The college student in your life probably needs their car detailed.

You parents probably need more quality time with you. Give them a coupon for a special outing!

Make someone three really awesome freezer meals that they can heat up when they're feeling busy!

So if you don't feel like you have any specific talent to offer others, all you need to volunteer is you time!

Make up a small coupon that you can frame and wrap and BOOM you totally gave someone a truly unique Christmas gift without breaking the bank!

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