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Friday, January 9, 2015

My Heart Can't Take Much More of This

Two big goodbyes in one month!! I guess this is what happens when you stay in one place for two tours... eventually all the friends you met during tour #1 head off to the next adventure while you stay put.

But Pedro & Julia's departure is the last for awhile. I hope. 

Which is good cause I think I might crawl under a rock and refuse to make any more new friends if my heart doesn't have a chance to recover from saying goodbye to such amazing ones.

The thing that redeems having to say goodbye to Pedro & Julia is that they are kind of tied to Germany (since J's family lives in Ktown) so there's a super good chance that we'll be seeing them again at least a few times before we leave the area in 2017. Whew.

So it's more like "see you later" instead of goodbye. But still. Not an easy week.

We love you guys! Best wishes, and come back to visit us soon! 

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