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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How a "Watch" Strengthened My Resolve to be Present... Plus a Giveaway for You

Look what I found!

It looks like a watch, it feels like a watch, but it's NOT a watch.

It's a reminder to slow down. 

And a very important reminder it is...

You don't have to worry about batteries, daylight savings, time zones, or alarms.

It really helps me remember to worry less. period.

It may not minimize or eliminate all time-related worry, but it does remind you that sometimes, the best answer to the question "what time is it?" is "now."

I found this company on instagram (@stealtimeback) and I fell in love with the product and the message.

You can browse their website here to find out more about the "now" movement, check out their shop full of cool now bracelets, and read their awesome blog... full of inspiration and gentle reminders to enjoy this beautiful life that we have a tendency to FLY through at frantic pace.

I've mentioned before that I have always had a problem with perfectionism, being a type-A personality, and having too strict a schedule.

Being a mother has taught me more and more that it's important to free yourself from that self-imposed bondage to the clock.

Here's the blog post where I talk about how freeing it was to lose my watch in Barcelona three years ago. I haven't owned a "real" watch since. And it's been very good for me to be watch-free.

Then here's the post where I talk about my struggle with being obsessed with what's next... too driven, taking on too much, and constantly re-learning to let go and slow down.

You can't make time for what's important unless you're willing to recognize that your time is a precious, finite commodity. You have to say no to some things. And that's really hard for me. I talk about it in depth here. 

This picture that Ana took of me in Amsterdam will always hold a special place in my heart because it illustrates how I'm feeling as I'm working through all these life lessons. The world still runs all around me. But I'm learning how to be still. (that blog post is here)

At German class this week, Jenny taught us how to talk about New Year's Resolutions and she asked us if we had any. In German, I fumbled for the words to say I don't really have any resolutions... except then I changed my mind and said I am continuing last year's resolution to slow down.

Slow down. 
Be here now. Enjoy. Observe. Don't rush.

It amazes me how much more content I am when I'm really focusing on right now.

After I found Steal Time Back, I reached out to them and asked for two bracelets... one for me to proudly wear and one for one of my lucky readers! They graciously and generously responded right away!

So I'm giving away one bracelet... here's where you enter to win!

One thing I didn't anticipate about this bracelet was how often I would look at it. I guess since it looks and feels so much like a watch, my busy brain still thinks it's a watch!

So even after three years of being watch-free, I'll catch myself wondering what time it is and I'll get the precious reminder that it's NOW whenever I look at my wrist!

It's also a great conversation starter... I've had lots of people notice that my watch isn't a watch and it's started some really interesting talks with friends and even strangers.

So please enter the giveaway and share this post with friends! 

Check out the Time Bandit's website and consider these products as a great little gift for yourself. Or a unique gift for someone else! Let's all join the club and make 2015 a year where we are present in the NOW.

I'll leave you with this great quote:

"There will be more of life to experience tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day.

And I don't have to be running after it all the time. 

Breathe, rest, practice the idea of enough... Full life is lived when the whole system works together, when rest and home and peace live hand in hand with taste and sparkle and go." (Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet)  (emphasis mine)


  1. wish I'd had one of these a hundred years ago-
    so glad you are learning so much about being all there wherever you are...

  2. funny that since you're wearing something that feels like a watch you automatically look at it more often. I think I'd do the same thing