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Friday, February 6, 2015

Corning Adventures | Ice Skating, Reminiscing, and Growing Up

It's been so fun being with my family in Corning this week. It's hard to stay on top of photos and blogging when I don't want to miss a moment of the memories!

But here was a big highlight of the week - Getting to go ice skating and having the rink all to ourselves in the beginning! 

I've been skating at the Nasser Civic Center since I was a teen. I was joking that I remember the days when our flare jeans went over the skates and now all the cool kids wear skinny jeans tucked into the skates. That's the best "old lady" story I can come up with ;-)

It was a crystal clear and bitterly cold morning but we had such a blast. I was freezing and wiping up a lot of kid noses, but it was worth it to see the proud smiles on my girlies' faces!

Lily went from hand-holding, to chair-pushing, to triple axels and sit spins! It was a pretty awesome memory. 


  1. of course she did! after all that combo of Rawleigh-Aiduk genes makes wonder children! (and I mean it!)