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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Mr. Aiduk!

So today is J's birthday (Happy Birthday My Love!) and we are currently making our way to Niagra Falls to see Grandma Linza and then trying to beat the snow back to Cape Cod. So the poor thing isn't getting the usual birthday pampering. Just lots of "are we there yet?"s from Lily and Sam.

But they already gave him the cutest birthday present ever so we'll forgive them... 

We were walking into the dance studio a few weeks back and Lily shouts "OH MOMMY! We should get an eagle for Daddy for his birthday!"

I was like "Oh?"

And she's like, "YES! Eagles are his FAVORITE!" 

This was news to me (and isn't technically true) but I stopped myself before I just shrugged her off with a "No sweetie" and hustled her up the stairs for ballet.

We were early for once so I actually had time to think this through ;-)

Why not? Why not let them get J a dorky "trophy" for his birthday? Sure, we aren't really knicknack people and sure they aren't the cheapest gift ever. But she came up with it herself!

So we went in to check out the prices and we settled on this sort of bedazzled gold eagle. Lily told Sam that "Daddy would like this one best, because it's beautiful!" so they finally agreed. I asked them what they wanted engraved on it and they really wanted the entire Happy Birthday Song but we settled for a shorthand version.

Kids are cute. And it's nice to see them growing up and having generous and creative ideas for blessing others!

Happy Birthday Jesse! 

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