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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Phone Call #2

My soon-to-be-Airman called me again tonight! Good news good news. Plus it was a perfect day for him to call (nice timing God!) because I had a rough one. (Let's just say there was lots of pee and crankiness involved and I was really relieved when LJ's bedtime came!)

So we actually had a nice half hour conversation! God's answered our prayers in a couple ways. First, his flight has shaped up and seems to be getting threatened less. Second, the intensity of the mind games and such has lessened. And third, his MTI (military training instructor) is actually turning out to be pretty cool...this is something I've been praying for ever since he enlisted because we heard that your MTI has a huge effect on your basic experience. And me, being the sissy I am, was praying my tough guy husband could have it easy even though I know he can handle anything! Not that he has it easy :o) but he is thankful.

He's in charge of making sure all the guys in his flight study for and pass their final written exam. (Got the "job" because of his rockin ASVAB score) That made me a little nervous because I was thinking if they didn't do well then he might get punished...but it's not like that as far as he can tell. Plus, all the guys are pretty motivated to pass since they can't graduate otherwise.

It was so nice to hear his voice and to hear him sounding confindent and even excited. They're just about halfway now. He seems to be doing well, which put my mind at ease for sure. I've been a little nervous for him since our last conversation. It was also nice to just talk about some every day things...when should I get the car inspected and what he thought about the new cloth diapers I'm trying, stuff like that :o). So he's doing good and I'm soooooo glad!

Is it June 30th, yet?


  1. Aww - yayyy! I was praying for him a lot this past week. So glad to hear it seems to be getting better.

  2. Oh my! :] Stalking you is going to be so much fun! hahaha j/k but seriously, I will be praying for you guys and especially you and him and your long distance apart and safety and such. I am here for you as a sister in Christ, Victoria

  3. hooray for well-timed, normal phone calls WITH good news!