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Friday, August 20, 2010

Down Fridays

Today is a "down Friday". Keesler is one of the only bases that do this, but it's awesome! They work a little longer each day so that every other weekend is a long weekend! So Jesse has today off! Meaning we all slept in a little and then spent the whole morning and early afternoon shopping and exploring! (We need a new bed soon, and we were also checking prices on washers and dryers). Wr went out for lunch at a Chinese buffet, and we hit the commissary (base grocery store) for a few things. It was funny cause Lily basically missed her whole morning nap but instead of getting grumpy she got deliriously giggly and happy! So cute! I love down Fridays because an extra day of time with Jesse is soooooo great! It's funny, though, cause today I keep getting confused and thinking it's Saturday! But, nope! We still have TWO more days with Jess! :o) :o)

Miss Lily and I just finished our naps and now Jesse wants to take us to a cool place he found that sells used washer/dryers! I'm hoping my laundrymat days are over soon!

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