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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alone Time

I started working on something new with Lily this week. I want her to get better at unsupervised solo play (which she currently stinks at). She's okay to play on her own sometimes...as long as I'm on the floor next to her :o)

Anyways, solo play...I'm calling it Alone Time. Lily's calling it Torture Time. Here she is showing you all just what kind of mean momma I am.

Jesse and I talked it over and we're hoping that it's the kind of thing where practice makes perfect and I'll only have to endure a week or so of crying. I'm starting with 2-3 10-15 minute sessions a day alone in the pack n play while I scurry around and do a few chores, shoot off a blog post :o), or make some phone calls upstairs. She spend the time crying. The. Whole. Time. But it's only Tuesday, so I'm not giving up yet! She really needs to get ready for when her sister comes cause Momma's gonna need her to be alone sometimes! And she needs to get over the torture aspect because I put some cool toys in that there box for her!


  1. awww . . . poor tortured baby! call the child abuse hotline: 1-800-4 A GRAMMA!

  2. Good news: practice *does* make perfect!
    Bad news: If you're inconsistent, like me, and don't stick with it every day, because you don't feel like dragging the pack n play in and out of the trunk of the car, what should only take about a week will take MONTHS... But I know you're good at consistency :) Good luck!