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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy Day

Today went by so fast for me! I overslept by about an hour...and my kid was so nice cause she just let me! I'm pretty sure she was awake for awhile just playing in her crib with her bunny and blankie! Love that girl! So I rushed around to get ready for my friend Bethanne to come over for tea in the morning and then she offered to take me to the base cause she was going anyways...

...it's been on the to-do list for about three weeks now to get my tush over to the hospital and fill out some paperwork so I can be all registered and ready to get assigned a doctor. I was procrastinating and Jesse was too busy. But since I'm almost 30 weeks it's probably time to get my butt in gear.

SO Bethanne is a sweetie and came back to get us and we got everything straightened out! THEN I had the brilliant idea to see if there was anyone who could give us a tour of the Baby Floor! And there was! And everyone was super nice! And the facilities are great! And I'm feeling much more at ease about delivering there. The guy showing me around was super helpful and answered a ton of my questions. And it seems like they're pretty cool about letting you be in charge of how your labor goes. You're pretty much stuck with whatever doctor is on duty when you go in. But I think I'm okay with that...as long as none of them are psycho-surgery-episiotomy-happy-types. It won't be the same as my wonderful hippie-midwife Deb, but what can you do? :o)

By the time we got home from our adventures both Lily and I were at must-have-nap-now-state. So we conked out for a bit. Then dinner, then walk, then bed for baby. Now I'm just waiting for Jesse to get home.

Poor guy, pray for him. He's come down with a nasty sinus cold and is super tired. This week has been really busy for him...loooong days and short nights. By the time he gets home tonight he'll have just enough time to shower, do homework, and go to bed. But parade is tomorrow and so he won't have drill practice next week. And this weekend is a long one, so hopefully he'll be able to rest some.

Looks like LJ and I will get to go to parade tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted on all the coolness that my man's involved in!

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