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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Here's our new bed!

If you're wondering why it's naked, well...that's because some people in this family procrastinate on things and we are still in the process of ordering sheets. California King is *apparently* not a regularly stocked item in stores. Someone tried to tell someone in my family that, but that someone wouldn't listen ;o) So now we're going to deck the bed out all ghetto with blankets and sheets that don't actually fit it for a few days! :o)

It was actually a lot of work to get it in it's proper place in my room. The stinkin furniture store does not get my vote of approval. So the next time you're buying a bed in Biloxi, I don't recommend Lucky's! ;o) I had to call them to inquire about the delivery and then they couldn't find my order. And then they didn't have the mattress cover that was supposed to be free. But oh well, we have the bed, they reimbursed us for the cover, and hopefully *someone* will order the sheets and cover tonight!

All in all...I cannot wait to sleep on this bed! In fact, I may go to bed early just to enjoy it! My 7-months-pregnant belly and back are sooooo excited and thankful for this splurge by my wonderful husband!

Oh, and my yogurt was a fail, but not an epic fail. I checked out Katie's trouble-shooting and I'm not really sure what I did wrong...could have been too cold or too hot or too much stirring...I'm leaning toward too cool during incubation because some of it firmed up and some didn't...which means I didn't kill the bacteria with it being too hot. It smells like yogurt though! I just don't think I can stomach the texture! But I'm not too upset about it because I don't have to throw the milky/yogurty stuff away...I can use it in recipes and smoothies and stuff! And I'll try again next week.


  1. Yay! Happy sleeping my 7 month pregnant friend!

  2. yes - it's finally here - don't let Lily play with the plastic!!! and why couldn't someone order the sheets and cover with someone's permission!?!?!

  3. Oh, get bamboo sheets! They are WONDERFUL! I think ours are 80% bamboo or something... Anyways.. I love them.