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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm supposed to be doing other things right now. It's Lily's pm nap and this one is usually long...and I actually usually nap during most of it! :o) But some days (like today) I'm not tired and I know I'd feel more rested if I got a few things knocked off my to-do list. Today's tasks for naptime were going to be to unpack a few boxes from that storage closet and read a few more chapters in The Omnivore's Dilemma.

BUT then I decided to stop by gmail, facebook, and my google reader account. And I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers, and it made me think.

I've obviously never blogged before...and I've found myself feeling like I need to have "something" to say in order to post...or that I need to have some cool pictures or some fun stuff that's "profound" to blog about. But then I remember WHY I started this sucker and Ree reminds me that this is supposed to be fun, and I'm supposed to be me, and it's like talking to my sisters.

You all know sisters are near and dear to my heart! (Both my two favs by blood and my two amazing sisters by marriage)

SO I'm going to have to think this through. I can't promise I'll post every day...I mean I do have a to-do list and all ;o) But I do want to post a little more often. And with a little more variety.

Primarily, I don't want to forget that this is a blog about what life is like for us in the Air Force, so it's totally okay for me to blabber on about...life! :o)

Example: This morning, after chatting with God and reading some Bible (and drinking my coffee) I got the girl up and fed us both. Then we hoofed it over to my new friend's house and it was hotter than Hades so even though it only took me 7 minutes to get there I was a sweaty mess of course! But we had a nice visit with her, then I brought the girl back home for her nap, which she was super grateful for apparently because she didn't even fuss her usual five minutes this time! Just plopped the fingers in the mouth and went to sleep! During am nap I worked on the storage closet (another reason I don't feel bad about blogging right now!) and started a pile of stuff I don't think we need to keep...which I'll either trash or donate. And I'm putting everything else away. Or, as is the case with most of the stuff under there, I'm putting it in a pile while it waits for it's home (the storage closet!) to be emptied and sorted out! :o)

My house smells like chicken soup today because I'm trying chicken stock again. It's so good for us and I can't wait to make soup tomorrow (so long as I don't burn the stock this time!) But I'm paying better attention this week ;o) I'm cooking the stock today cause it's Jesse's long day and he's not a fan of the smell. So hopefully it'll be all packed in the fridge/freezer before he gets home around 8 tonight. I'll try to have a candle going but it's kinda tough to get rid of the smell of something you've been cooking all. day. long. You know?

Confession: I looked up plane tickets to Corning today. I know I shouldn't have...I really can't afford it (which I only confirmed in my search) but I just really really really wanted to experience Corning in the fall and I miss my family (shout out to the wonderful Rawleighs!) and I got a little depressed thinking of how nice it would be to just surprise them for a short week in early October...and smell that crisp yummy fall outdoorsy smell...and hit Soul Full Cup for a pumpkin latte...or Heavenly Cup...or both. Yes, both. Mmmmm. And I wanted to see the leaves and walk outside with a scarf on. And sit on my parent's couch and drink tea and watch a movie. Or make Dad light a fire in the wood stove even though it probably wouldn't be cold enough yet! :o) But alas, it doesn't look like it can happen. First, cause I don't have a spare $500 to spend. Second, cause it's quite a headache to travel with Princess Lily. (Sigh)

I got over my depressed feeling by brewing some tea, listening to my favorite Jamie Cullum CD that reminds me of fall (cause I listened to it like it was my job last fall before Lily was born) and unpacking a few boxes. Cause for some reason that combo just seemed to work this morning. I felt productive. And warm (from the tea?) And fall-ish (from the CD).

In fact, I think I shall go listen to it some more while I unpack a few boxes. And if LJ stays asleep for a bit maybe I'll still get some reading in ;o)


  1. Now, when you make stock or broth I learned something from Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa...one of my faves). She said to use all the parts of the veggies and chicken. Like, the onion skins, garlic husks, stems, etc... I've begun saving all my "veggie garbage" if I know I'm going to make stock.

    Also, use www.sidestep.com when you're looking for flights. It's an invaluable website for flights. You often can find flights for $300 or less. Maybe a good Christmas present to/from your families could be a flight to visit?!? That's what my mom does now since we're adults and don't "need" anything. She gets us plane flights and vacations to visit each other. Just a thought...

  2. Ooo thanks I'll definitely check out that airline website...I would looooove to be able to get home again before I have two kids. I WILL NOT travel alone with two kids. WILL NOT ;o)

    And yep, I use all the junk from the chicken (even the organs...blech) and all the parts of the veggies. But I didn't think to make a scrap bag...good idea...I just started one!