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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project #2 and Peas

Project #2 was the closet downstairs. The one FULL of boxes and other stuff. The one I was dreading sorting. Why do I always think things are going to be so hard? It wasn't bad AT ALL! I got the whole thing done in one day. So now we have a box of sports stuff (balls and things), a bunch of games, some folding chairs and a stool, winter coats, hats and scarves (as I was hanging those I was kind of chuckling to myself), and the vacuum. And diaper bag. YAY! Not pictured: the pile of stuff that relocated to the corner of the dining room until Jesse has a chance to decide what goes and what stays. *I* want it all to go :o) but I'm not the boss on that one ;o) Oh, and I'm fighting the temptation to feel disappointed these two projects aren't really done yet...since we still have the finishing touches to do. Piles to sort, books to put away or store, etc. But I gotta give myself some credit I guess...the main part is done! :o)

So Lazy Lily is interesting when it comes to self-feeding. For about three months now, she has possessed the capability to pick up small pieces of food. But rather than put them in her mouth, as normal food-loving kids do, she would rather hand them to me...presumably so I can put them in her mouth FOR HER! :o) I was tempted to worry about this: "Ohmygosh she's never gonna feed herself and I'll have two babies to feed and when will I eat and what if I'm still feeding her when she's ten...?" but then I chilled out and enjoyed the lack of a mess that feeding your kid is. Bad news: the time of a tidy floor seems to be ending. Good news: my kid can feed herself *certain* finger foods.

She seems to need large chunks...we have the best (and messiest) success with torn pieces of bread. Yesterday I wanted to see if she could pick up peas. Peas? Come on Jessica! She JUST figured out rather large chunks of bread and you're gonna give her peas?

Yes. I did. No. She did not eat them with her fingers. I look over from my food to discover the smart girl doing this with the cup of peas.

Good try baby!

Oh look, pinky up! So dainty! :o)

Needless to say, peas might have been a little ambitious...but she was mighty determined to get those suckers, so I ended up helping her. With a spoon (sheesh Jessica, if peas are too annoying for you to use your fingers why would she want to??) Today I cooked up some "apple fries" for her lunch to see if she can manage those. Maybe some cheese chunks. Maybe I'll make pita bread for her when my dough's ready. We're having pizza tonight so she can gum the crust to death!

Any other good finger food ideas?

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  1. Aw - the peas pictures are too cute for words! She's so smart, she outsmarted YOU!!! Congrats on conquering projects 1&2 - I vote that you can call them conquered because you did your part. The only problem is that Jesse's part may not get done quickly since he's so busy! And keep posting - it does my heart good to hear how your life is going! I love you - kisses to Lily-bear!!!!