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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loooong Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. Four whole days together!

Lily is still a little sick with her yucky cold so she was sometimes a cranky terrorist. But we managed to have fun with or without her!

I surprised Jesse with a breakfast pizza. Cream cheese and sugar and fruit...YUM! It was my first try (and no recipe) so next time I'll be more careful to get the dough thinner...it was a bit thick for this type of thing. But still delicious...I ate the last piece this morning! :o) Jesse and I used to have weekend breakfasts in bed where we'd eat something yummy and watch a movie or show during LJ's first nap. It was usually on a Saturday. I don't know if we'll be able to keep up the whole tradition, but I decided a yummy treat a weekend can definitely happen. Unless we start to gain ten pounds a week. That would be bad.

I also tried to make brioche this weekend. I recently learned what it was...but it's not nearly as yummy as it sounds (french style loaf enriched with eggs, honey, and butter) when you don't let it cook all the way through. Blech. I jumped the gun and the inside was mushy. Oh well, next time will be better. The other half of the dough is waiting in the freezer for next weekend so it can be turned into apple strudel bread...fully cooked! ;o)

Friday night Jesse took me out on an amazing date! First of all, it's been a looooooooooong time since we went anywhere without Miss Lil. And I didn't realize how much I missed it! :o) Two girls that are in Jesse's class came over and watched her. They were great! She was crying when we left, of course, but that was her mommy-only self speaking. I think deep down she had fun. I guess they took her for a walk and she demonstrated how she rides in her stroller like a princess with her feet propped up. Anyways, we had a lovely dinner at the Bonefish Grill. Our waiter was great...Jason. The kind of waiter you want to come back and ask to sit in his section. And the food was amazing, which helped! We got a tasty fried shrimp app that was a little spicy, I got chicken Marsala and Jess got steak. And I finished off with a lovely creme brule (which I'd never tried before) and he had an espresso martini.

Then we walked around the mall and then drove down to the beach and walked. How cool is that? Part of our date consisted of us randomly deciding to walk the beach! :o) And we had a grand old time joking around and talking. And Jesse kept freaking me out my pointing out fake spiders and crabs and things...he's such a charmer! :o)

Here he is demonstrating how much manly stubble he can grow in a weekend. He hates shaving. The Air Force likes it. Poor guy! Anyways, he's great and I love him and he's still doing an amazing job in school!

Saturday we hung out at home for the day. We ran some errands in the evening and Jesse got me a ginormous Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, which I've been talking about for a few days now. I love fall...and that flavor always reminds me of it. Fall is going to be veeeery different here. I shall miss the Corning leaves. Someone must take some pictures for me. Oh, and we also hit Target and I scored some good clearance on a denim maternity skirt and a cute top.

Sunday we visited Mosaic Church again. We're pretty sure that's where we're landing for the time we're here. We just need to plug into a small group now, cause they're a pretty huge church and we aren't going to get to know anyone if we just show up on Sundays.

My friend Bethanne and her husband Adam visited Mosaic this week, too. They met up with us and then we did IHOP after. And we were all having such fun (except over-tired-sick-Lily) that we decided to get together at our house in the evening for some Settlers of Catan! It was great having someone over...we did brownies and ice cream and tea and played the game (Seafarers to be precise!) and we even had the chance to show them our preferred method of cockroach catching! (Spraying the sucker with Raid and then catching it and sending it to a watery grave in the toilet...) A good night!

This morning was a little rough cause Lily was just a mess...and my patience level got zapped in about two hours of her constantly crying unless I was holding her...but she finally went down for a nice looooong (3 hour!) nap and then I took a quick power nap to recover from my own meltdown, and then Jesse and I drank coffee and played chess on the computer. He crushed me...as always...but it was still fun.

My other kitchen success this weekend was these homemade whole wheat tortillas! I couldn't believe how easy and fast they were...seriously! Flour, salt, butter, and water...overnight in the fridge, then some rolling and cooking and poof! My very own batch of tortillas for the week! I was interested in finally trying this recipe because Jesse's new favorite thing for lunches are cold quesadillas...so I whip up a batch over the weekend. But finding whole wheat tortillas that don't have added junk and are cheap isn't that easy. These are! I'm totally doing this often...maybe I'll make a huge batch and freeze them! Mmmmm.

And later we took LJ to the beach. She didn't seem to love it or anything, which is fine by me because it's a lot of work to get all the sand cleaned up after :o) But she did seem to find the sand and water interesting.

Well, time to turn in for the night. Veggies and quesadillas are all cut up and portioned for Jesse's lunches, and both he and LJ are snoozing away. He'll be up at 3:15 am tomorrow. Time to get my rest so I'm ready for the day...which hopefully includes getting the lawn mowed and having energy to keep up with my sick girl!

Happy Air Force family signing off!


  1. Love it all, especially the part about the pumpkin latte :) Your pics are great too!

  2. Annabelle props her feet up in the stroller, too! And in the high chair, which I tried in vain to correct for about a month, and then I realized that if I stuck a pillow or towels behind her, she couldn't recline and she had to sit up. And mommy wins again. But the stroller is always her princess-time. :) PROPS to Jesse for planning a date for you guys!! I was SO happy to read that. :D Glad you had a good long weekend. Hope Lily's getting better. Love you!

  3. So...I definitely left you a comment...but it's not showing up here.
    It was something along the lines of "What yummy looking tortillas!" and planning to take fall pictures for you if I am still around when the leaves change here, and commenting on how it sounded like you had a marvelous weekend.

  4. Aw you would be my hero if you took some pictures! Can you bottle up that smell, too? You know, the crisp outdoor smell...oh how I shall miss Corning during this season! My only consolation is that it'll be nice to enjoy the outdoors in the winter instead of being cooped up! So are you going to that cool bible college in Canada?

  5. So, what is Mosaic like? I'm glad y'all found a church. :) I'd love to visit an Acts 29 church. Several actually. Is the worship like it is at Mars Hill? Wait, have you ever heard the worship at Mars Hill? It's.. interesting... ;)

  6. ah! Your tortillas look amazazing! :P

  7. Delian: they were super good! The perfectionist in me doesn't like how hard it is (make that, impossible) to get perfect circles...but they *are* homemade, right?

    Nicole: Mosaic's feel reminds me a lot of GCC, but way bigger (about 1300!) so a little less personal. We're hoping a small group will fix that. As for worship...I can't say I know what Mars Hill is like :o) but Mosaic is a little...slow...they seem to be lacking in "expressive" worship. But we're stickin with em because they've got the good sound doctrine! :o)