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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garlic Girl

Last week when Lily was sick, I was researching natural ways to help her feel better. Luckily, she was a sleepy head (can't get more natural than that!) and spent most of the day and night like this.

Garlic. Garlic is amazing. It tastes great and I put it in EVERYTHING! It smells awesome, except on mine and LJ's breath (sorry Jesse!). And *apparently* it's got all these great antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti...cold...properties! I kept coming across this over and over. Then I came across a weird idea. It was so weird that I had to try it.

Apparently, as an organ, your skin does an amazing job of absorbing things. Apparently, if you crush up some garlic and mix it with a little olive oil...and put it in your...socks... :o) ...then your skin can absorb all it's wonderful health benefits. You don't have to eat it (although I made her eat plenty of garlic flavored stuff last week!) and you can have it "on" all day. Weird. So LJ spent a day like this. With garlic in her socks. And the whole house smelled. And she smelled. And I smelled. And Jesse picked on me. And I'm not sure I'll do it again :o)

I'm not convinced it didn't work, cause she did start feeling better within a few days. But I'm also not convinced it did work. And it took me a lot of washing to get the smell out of her clothes and slippers. And sometimes, when she sticks her piggies in my face, I swear I can smell garlic. Still. It's been a week, people! Maybe I'll try the garlic magic trick next time I have a cold to truly test it? Lily's feet *were* really soft when I bathed her that night!

You can call me a hippie-mom (Dad!) but don't judge me! ;o) Some people swear by this trick. And they probably smell like garlic all cold-season. The end.


  1. So when you sent me the photo of Lily in the hat, I had no idea she smelled like garlic when it was taken! (ugh) You - by the way - are very very strange, but we love you just the way you are! Thanks for posting often - love you!!!

  2. you are one brave girl :) i love garlic but can't stand the lingering smell of it ha. at least you tried!!