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Friday, September 17, 2010


Look at us! We got to go to an Air Force Parade! Forgive me if I'm not using proper terminology...I blame it on my AF-newbie-status. But here we are. Behind us, across the green, are about 3,000 Airmen who worked for a week and a half to prepare this super cool parade just for us. Okay, it was for the General. And to honor a super cool guy who served amazingly in Afghanistan (he got an award). And because the Air Force is turning 63 soon. (Totally didn't know that the AF was so young!)

I was taking a pic of the flags here...all the state flags. And apparently I have mad skill because Jesse is directly to the left of the band...cropped right out of the photo! So I'm showing you right where he's...not. Oops :o) In my defense they were really far away! And Jesse *kinda* looked a lot like every other guy out there! :o)

Here's some super cool marching going on.

And these guys are from Jesse's squadron...they marched in place waiting for Jesse's group to come through and then they led them in front of the General and other honored guests. (And us!) Notice the ropes on their arms. This means they're Airmen Leaders like Jesse. He's a Green Rope. Each color has different responsibilities and I'm not even going to pretend that I remember what they are. But Jesse would like to progress to a Yellow Rope before he leaves Keesler. Go get em Babe!

Look at all those Airmen! (No, I don't know any of them and neither do you!) Although at one point I did recognize a friend from Jesse's flight at Basic who helped us unload our moving truck!

And here's my handsome man...far left! When they marched by the General his name was called! I resisted the urge to cheer giddily. And there's a reason I always get shots of his back...it's cause I stink. I had a good shot of the front but it came right at the same time as everyone to my left was standing (cause the flags were coming and you're supposed to stand at attention) so between being confused as to why I was standing and trying to keep LJ from grabbing my camera, I wasn't ready and Jesse was already walking by. Curses. Oh well...GO JESSE! :o)

Then it was over. And I found a bathroom (which I do now before and after almost everything). And we saw a pretty sunset. And we got to go home and Jesse doesn't have to be practicing for this every night anymore. YAY! It was cool, though. And they did great. Lots of cool shouting and music playing and marching and such. I'm proud of him for doing it...because it really made for a long week for him. The General even said they rocked. And even if he was fibbing, we're okay with that.

THE WEEKEND IS HERE! It doesn't feel as much like the long weekend it's supposed to be because Jesse had to go in this morning...even though it's a down Friday they needed the guys to help "clean up the base" for an inspection that's coming up. But it was *only* 7am that he had to go in (better than 5!!) and I took him in so I could run some errands (including dropping off paperwork at the hospital, grocery shopping at the Commissary, and getting a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks) while we wait for him to be done. He should be home after lunch and who knows what fun adventures we'll have after that!

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